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Eserv 2.50 Web interface Server Directory traversal vulnerability



    Eserv 2.50 Web interface Server


    Ussr Labs found  following.  Eserv/2.50  is the complete  solution
    to access Internet from LAN:

        - Mail  Server  (SMTP  and  POP3,  with  ability to share  one
          mailbox on the ISP, aliases and mail routing support)
        - News Server (NNTP)
        - Web  Server  (with  CGI,  virtual  hosts, virtual  directory
          support, web-interface for all servers in the package)
        - FTP Server (with virtual directory support)
        - Proxy Servers
          * FTP proxy and HTTP caching proxy
          * FTP gate
          * HTTPS proxy
          * Socks5, Socks4 and 4a proxy
          * TCP and UDP port mapping
          * DNS proxy
        - Finger Server
        - Built-in scheduler and dialer (dial on demand, dialer server
          for extern agents, scheduler for any tasks)

    UssrLabs   found   a   Eserv   Web   Server   Directory  Traversal
    Vulnerability Using  the string  '../' in  a URL,  an attacker can
    gain read access to any file outside of the intended web-published
    filesystem directory.  There is not much to expand on this one....


    to show all configuration file including account names.


    Windows allow to open the file with name


    when folder "--" not exists.   Seems this is Windows bug, will  be
    fixed (already fixed in the Eserv build 2841).

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