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Sun iPlanet Administration Server 5.1 directory traversal

Text of original posting to Sun:

>>Originator: EDS Information Assurance Group - Jim Hardisty, Mark Brewis

>>Date of Contact: 22nd April 2003

>>Issue:During a recent Penetration Test, a member of the team, Jim
Hardisty, identified an issue with an installation of >>iPlanet
Administration Express.  It is possible to escape the log viewer under
iPlanet Administration Express, and 
>>since the application runs with root privilege, it is possible to access
any file on the host server, including 
>>security critical files.

>>Version:         iPlanet Administration Server 5.1

>>The following URL will return the last 5000 accesses to passwd:


>>Once an escape has been made, the drop-down menu details all files under
the called directory, e.g., /etc will lists 
>>shadow, hosts, hosts.allow, hosts.deny etc.

>>We have identified users:

>>        1) Failing to recognise the nature of the application, seeing it
only as a web configuration app, and not 
>>		 appreciating that it runs setuid 0.  As a result, they have
been cavalier with password security, applying >>		 poor
password controls, and have not applied ACLs to prevent unlimited internal
access to the application.
>>        2) Failing to apply a password to the application.  During
install, there must be a forced set password, and 
>>		 end-user must understand that this is a root level password
they are setting.

>>        3) Exposing the application to the Internet.

>>Whether there are other escape sequences that will work is unknown.


>>We will abide by the RFP Disclosure Guidelines v2.0 -

>>Should credit be forthcoming coming, please acknowledge Jim Hardisty as
the discoverer, me as second string.

>>Mark Brewis
>>Security Consultant
>>Information Assurance Group


Sun have now informed me that the issue was addressed in:

SunOne DS5.2 and in iDS5.1 SP2 Hotfix2

Sun(tm) ONE Directory Server 5.2 Release Notes 
Version 5.2

iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Service Pack 2 
Release Notes
Updated June 11, 2003

I am unable to find a reference for Hotfix 2, so if anyone can supply one
I'd be grateful, or if anyone can find a reference to this issue in either
of the above, I'd be even more grateful!


Mark Brewis

Security Consultant
Information Assurance Group
Wavendon Tower
Milton Keynes
MK17 8LX.

Tel:	+44 (0)1908 28 4234/4013
Fax:	+44 (0)1908 28 4393

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