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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: bt708.txt

Netware Web Server PERL Handler buffer overflow

Topic: Buffer Overflow in Netware Web Server PERL Handler
Platform : Netware 5.1 SP6, Netware 6 under certain conditions.
Application : NetWare Enterprise Web Server
Advisory URL:
Identifiers: CERT: VU# 185593, CVE: CAN-2003-0562
Vendor Name: Novell, Inc. 
Vendor URL:
Vendor contacted: 10-Feb-2003
Public release: 23-Jul-2003

The Netware Enterprise Server does not perform proper bounds check on
requests passed to the perl interpreter through the perl virtual
directory. This results in a buffer overflow condition, when large
requests are sent to the perl interpreter.

The issue can be triggered by requesting the perl virtual directory
followed by a long string.

http://server/perl/aaaaaa...[Unspecified number of characters]

The vulnerability occurs in the CGI2PERL.NLM module.

A request like the above will overrun the allocated buffer and overwrite
EIP, causing the server to ABEND and either suspend the process or
restart itself, thereby creating a Denial of Service situation.

Corrective actions:
Novell has made a patch for this issue:

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