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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: bt176.txt

BEA WebLogic Server and Express 7.x Passwords Disclosure


  BEA WebLogic Server and Express 7.x Passwords Disclosure


Affected Versions


BEA WebLogic Server 7.x

BEA WebLogic Express 7.x



This vulnerability concerns a number of clear-text passwords that have 

been identified in BEA WebLogic Server and WebLogic Express. The 

following passwords were identified: 

--> JDBCConnectionPoolRuntimeMBean password was displayed in clear-text 

via weblogic.Admin. The password field was properly restricted. The major 

concern here was a passerby seeing the password on the screen of a 

privileged user. 

--> The default CredentialMapper stored the passwords in clear-text on 

disk. A knowledgeable attacker who had access to the disk files and knew 

how to extract passwords out of the binary data file could exploit this. 

--> Several secrets internal to WebLogic Server and WebLogic Express 

concerning the encryption of passwords were potentially accessible to non-

privileged users. An attacker who obtained these passwords, had extensive 

knowledge about the internals of WebLogic's encryption algorithms and had 

access to files that contained the encrypted passwords could have stolen 

the passwords. This includes passwords stored in config.xml, and weblogic-rar.xml. 



BEA strongly recommends the following course of actions: 

Apply the appropriate Service Pack: 

For WebLogic Server and Express 7.0 and 

Upgrade to Service Pack 2 and apply the following patch: 

When Service Pack 3 becomes available, you may use that Service Pack 

instead of Service Pack 2 and this patch. 


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