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Plug & Play Web Server directory traversal

Directory traversal in Plug & Play Web Server



"The Plug and Play Web Server provides all of the tools you need to host your own website. The tools are bundled together in one comprehensive software package that it is incredibly easy to use and maintain."

- Vendors Description

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Vulnerable systems: Plug & Play Web Server version 1.0002c

Plug & Play Web Server have a Directory Traversal Vulnerability Using the string '../' or '..\' in a URL, an attacker can gain read access to any file outside of the intended web-published filesystem directory.







http://localhost/../../  [show the files and the folders in C drive - if the 'Show Directory list when homepage does not exist' option is active.]

Vendor status:


The vendor has been informed, and they are fixing this bug.

The updated version, when released, can be downloaded from:

Discovered by/Credit:


Bahaa Naamneh

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