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TUCoPS :: Linux :: Red Hat/Fedora :: rping.htm

Redhat 6.2 to 7.0 ping vulnerability - update



    RedHat 6.2...7.0(J)


    Foollowing  is  based  on  a  Advisory RHSA-2000:087-02 by RedHat.
    Several problems in ping are fixed:

        1) Root privileges are dropped after acquiring a raw socket.
        2) An 8 byte overflow of a static buffer "outpack" is prevented.
        3) An overflow of a static buffer "buf" is prevented.

    A non-exploitable root only segfault is fixed as well.


    RPMs required:

    Update for  Immunix OS  6.2 (StackGuarded  versions of  the RedHat
    packages) can be found at:

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