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CwpApi.php - GetRelativePath() returns paths outside of the HTTP ServerRoot
23th Jan 2002 [SBWID-5023]

	GetRelativePath() in  CwpApi.php  returns  paths  outside  of  the  HTTP


	 All versions prior to and including CwpApi-1.1.0, any platform


	In ACD Incorporated Security Advisory :

	CwpApi can return a path via GetRelativePath() that is outside the  HTTP
	server root. This happens because the code checked only to  see  if  the
	server root was mentioned in the path, not whether the actual  directory
	fell under the server root. For example: a path  of  /etc/var/www/myfile.file
	would be considered valid if the server root directory is /var/www.

	If the directory is not below the server root, the directory  is  forced
	beneath the  server  root.  For  example  /etc/var/www/myfile.file  will
	become /var/www/etc/var/www/myfile.file.


	Update to version 1.1.1


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