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phpTrafficA < 1.4.2
phpTrafficA < 1.4.2
phpTrafficA < 1.4.2

Application: phpTrafficA < 1.4.2
Web Site: 
Versions: all
Platform: linux, windows
Bug: injection sql , xss , full path


1) Introduction
2) Bug
3) Proof of concept
4) Credits

==========1) Introduction
"phpTrafficA is a GPL statistical tool for web traffic analysis, written in php and mySQL. 
It can track access counts to your website, search engines, keywords, and referrers that lead to you, 
operating systems, web browsers, visitor retention, path analysis, and a lot more!"

=====2) Bug
injection sql, xss, full path

====3)proof of concept

exemple of exploitation :

--> load some file as /etc/passwd or /path/www/stats/Php/config_sql.php
( if magic_quote_gpc is disable you can do some into dumpfile tricks ..)

//?lang= is also vulnerable to xss attacks, and as Hamid Ebadi has mention $lang is also vulnerable to directory transversal

laurent gaffie
contact : 

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