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PCL-0001: Remote Vulnerability in HORDE MTA < 2.2.4


PCL-0001: Remote Vulnerability in HORDE MTA < 2.2.4

PuCCiOLAB.ORG Security Advisories                                      Vincenzo 'puccio' Ciaglia
August 12th, 2003                       

Package        : Horde MTA
Vulnerability  : access to private account without login
Problem-Type   : remote
Version        : All < 2.2.4 
Official Site  :
N Advisories  : 0001

Description of problem 
An attacker could send an email to the victim who ago use of HORDE MTA in order to push it to visit a website. The website in issue log all the accesses and describe in the particular the origin of every victim.


In this example, the victim has visualized our website reading the mail that we have sent to it. Visiting the link marked from our counter of accesses, we will be able to approach the page of management of the mail of the victim and will be able to read and to send, calmly, its email without to make the login.The session comes sluice after approximately 20 minutes and the hacker it has the time to make its comfortable ones.

What could make a attacker?
Read, write and fake your e-mail. Could send , from you email address, a mail to your ISP and ask it User e PASS of your website.The consequences would be catastrophic

What I can do ?
Upgrade your MTA Agent to 2.2.4 version. 

Vincenzo 'puccio' Ciaglia

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