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TUCoPS :: Web :: PHP :: bt1651.txt

OpenAutoClassifieds XSS attack

 Critical: Less critical  

 Impact: Cross Site Scripting  

 Where: From remote  

 Software: OpenAutoClassifieds 1.x  




 A vulnerability has been identified in 

OpenAutoClassifieds, which can be exploited by malicious 

people to conduct Cross-Site Scripting attacks.  


 The vulnerabily is caused due to missing validation of 

input supplied to the "listing" parameter in "friendmail.php". 

This can be exploited by including arbitrary HTML or script 

code in the parameter, which will cause it to be executed in 

a user's browser session when viewed.  






 The vulnerability has been confirmed in version 1.0.  



 Filter malicious input in a HTTP proxy or firewall with URL 

filtering capabilities.  


 Edit the source code to ensure that user input is properly 



 Reported by / credits:  

 David Sopas Ferreira,  


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