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file inclusion vulnerability incpCommerce

ZH2003-31SA (security advisory): file inclusion vulnerability in cpCommerce

Published: 19 October 2003
Name: cpCommerce Affected Versions: 0.05f (and other versions?)
Issue: file inclusion vulnerability
Author: Astharot (at

Zone-H Security Team has discovered a flaw in cpCommerce. cpCommerce "is an
open-source e-commerce solution that is entirely template and module based.".

There's a file inclusion vulnerability in the _functions.php file, line 13-14:


Is it possible for a remote attacker to include an external file and execute
arbitrary commands with the privileges of the webserver (nobody by default).

To test the vulnerability try this:

In this way the file "" or
"" will be included and executed on
the server.

The author has been contacted and he published a temporary fix in the cpCommerce
website forum, waiting for the new version.

The patch is avaible here:;action=display;threadid=864.

Fix the script with the patch proposed by the author.

Link to ariginal article here: 

Astharot - Zone-H Admin
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