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Cafelog WordPress / b2 SQL injection vulnerabilities discovered andfixed in CVS

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WordPress (formerly b2)

Vulnerable Versions:
* CVS versions before October 1, 2003
* Vulnerability affects code inherited from b2, so all versions of
  wordpress released before CVS fix are affected and many versions of b2
  are also affected.

A number of SQL injection vulnerabilities have been fixed that could allow
arbitrary SQL to be injected if one has local access to the filesystem the
database can access (using 'source filename.sql;').  ''', '"', '\' are all
filtered, and ' ' is munged into SQL constructs before injection, so %09
(tab char) can be used where spaces would normally be in the sql string
one wishes to inject.  The problem affects the category (cat) and order by
(order_by) code.  The author (author) code was almost vulnerable, except
for a small bug that misconverted author to an integer before string
processing.  The problems are located in the blog.header.php file, and a
patch is included below (provided by the authors) that fixes the
vulnerabilities and includes general bug fixes and code cleanup.  Any SQL
string not including quotes or a backslash can be injected through the URL
(i.e. 'drop table foo;').



Exploit example exposes private posts.  Dropping tables should be trivial,
especially using the order_by flaw.

Date Discovered:
Sunday, 28 Sept 2003

Dates Vendor Notified:
Monday, 29 Sept 2003 - Tuesday, 30 Sept 2003

Vendor was notified of problems on Monday.  On Tuesday, discoverer gave a
full report of the extent of the problems via IRC.

Date Fixed:
Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003

Date Published:
Thursday, 2 Oct 2003

Seth Woolley <seth at>

I (Seth) am not a php expert, and I don't run this code, so I haven't
tested the vendor-provided patch yet, although I assume the vendor has.
Be advised.

I would like to thank the wordpress developers for providing the patch in
a timely and responsible manner (specifically Matthew Mullenweg for being
my vendor contact).

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