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phpWebsite <= SQL Injection (friend.php) & (article.php)
phpWebsite <= SQL Injection (friend.php) & (article.php)
phpWebsite <= SQL Injection (friend.php) & (article.php)

[+]DaBDouB-MoSiKaR [Moroccan Security Team]
[+]creetz to: Moroccan security Team[Dr.E-vil,Dr.Erase,H0550N],ToM-le-Magician[france] , ameer[egypt], Esp!onLeRaVaGe, CiM TeaM, xMs3D0,|ucifer,B6,al-houda members[nabil,sn!per,Kasparov]and all hackers musilm [morocco] and 
[+]special 10x to: safaa
[-]get name
[-]get password:
[+] second sql
[+]have nice day and hack

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