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Oracle Database Multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities in LTADM
Team SHATTER Security Advisory: Oracle Database Multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities in LTADM
Team SHATTER Security Advisory: Oracle Database Multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities in LTADM

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Team SHATTER Security Advisory

*Oracle Database Multiple SQL Injection vulnerabilities in LTADM*

November 12, 2008

Risk Level:

Affected versions:
Oracle Database Server versions 9iR2, 10gR1, 10gR2 and 11gR1

Remote exploitable:
Yes (Authentication required)

This vulnerability was discovered and researched by Esteban Mart=C3=ADnez
Fay=C3=B3 of Application Security Inc.

Oracle Database provides the "LTADM" PL/SQL package that is part of
the Oracle Workspace Manager component. This package has instances of
SQL Injection in COMPRESSSTATE and GOTOTS procedures. Dependening on
what Oracle Workspace Manager release is installed, this PL/SQL
package is owned by SYS (on older releses) or by WMSYS (on newer
releases). A malicious user can call the vulnerable procedures of this
package with specially crafted parameters and execute SQL statements
with the elevated privileges of the package owner, depending on the
system configuration it can be SYS or WMSYS.

Any Oracle database user with EXECUTE privilege on the package
[WM]SYS.LTADM can exploit this vulnerability. By default, WMSYS or
users granted IMP_FULL_DATABASE role have the required privilege.
Exploitation of this vulnerability allows an attacker to execute SQL
commands with SYS or WMSYS privileges.

Vendor Status:
Vendor was contacted and a patch was released.

Restrict access to the [WM]SYS.LTADM package.

Apply Oracle Critical Patch Update October 2008 available at Oracle



Vendor Notification - 9/24/2007
Vendor Response - 9/28/2007
Fix - 10/14/2008
Public Disclosure - 11/11/2008

Application Security, Inc's database security solutions have helped
over 1000 organizations secure their databases from all internal and
external threats while also ensuring that those organizations meet or
exceed regulatory compliance and audit requirements.

Disclaimer: The information in the advisory is believed to be accurate
at the time of publishing based on currently available information.
Use of the information constitutes acceptance for use in an AS IS
condition. There are no warranties with regard to this information.
Neither the author nor the publisher accepts any liability for any
direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage arising from use of,
or reliance on, this information.

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