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TUCoPS :: Networks :: usenet.txt

How to post to a moderated newsgroup

33. How do I post to a moderated newsgroup?

Usenet messages consist of message headers and message bodies. The message
header tells the news software how to process the message. Headers can be
divided into two types, required and optional. Required headers are ones
like "From" and "Newsgroups." Without the required headers, your message
will not be posted properly.
One of the optional headers is the "Approved" header. To post to a
moderated newsgroup, simply add an Approved header line to your message
header. The header line should contain the newsgroup moderators e-mail
address. To see the correct format for your target newsgroup, save a
message from the newsgroup and then look at it using any text editor.
A "Approved" header line should look like this:
There cannot not be a blank line in the message header. A blank line will
cause any portion of the header after the blank line to be interpreted as
part of the message body.
For more information, read RFC 1036: Standard for Interchange of USENET

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