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TUCoPS :: Networks :: telnetsx.txt

Working Out-telnets

                    **WORKING OUT-TELNETS**

These are hosts that you can reach through telnet, and then telnet
out to another site.  So far, I have found four:

     IP ADDRESS                           DIRECTIONS/NOTES
------------------------------------------------------------------------                  Requires you to create a free online
                                   trial account, but they don't verify the
                                   information you give them.  So you can
                                   keep getting new accounts by changing
                                   your identity.  Also...this host provides
                                   free outdial service to area codes (213)
                                   and (214), free FTP, DNS look-up, Finger,
                                   and Remote Login.  No Time Limit.                    Allows you to use the Telnet and IRC
                                   services without registering or paying
                                   a fee.  30-minute time limit.                    I believe this one requires you to create
                                   a free online trial account (I can't 
                                   remember).  Allows you to telnet out
                                   to another host.  It also provides free
                                   outdial services to European carriers,
                                   free IRC, free FTP, free Finger, and free
                                   Archie.   There's a 10-minute time limit.                       Allows free FTP and Telnet.  The only
                                   catch is that you will have to download
                                   1.5M of their software.  (To hell with 

--I will add more out-telnets to this list as I find them.

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