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PCPursuit Trouble Shooting

This is a PC PURSUIT address list and probsolver manual.
Befor a bit of Knowledge is essential....  hehehehee
PC Pursuit is a service for US people to call at lower rates data phone
numbers using the Packet Network (Telenet) to do so you call your local
access Telenet Port (DIALUP or PAD) it is a data phone number and you are
on the Packet Network paying a local rate call.
From there with a special id (you pay for it if you haven't hacked one!)
you can call a HOST ( that is a system connected to the Packet Network and
has an identifing id NUA (Network User Address) that is like a Phone number 
this id can be in two forms a mnemonic one eg DIAL213 or all numeric eg 213 114
When you are connected to this host that usually is placed in a distant area
from yours you can give instructions to the modem that is over there to place
a data call to any Phone number in the area code where it resides......
this is the DIALOUT!! .
So PCPursuit is a network of dialouts that are placed all around US states.
Who has a real PCP account is used to call it's local access telenet node
to the TELENET Packet Switching Network (PSN) or System (PSS).
Then types at the @ prompt DIALnpa/baud,myid,mypw<CR>
where npa is the AREA CODE only supported ones!!
and baud is 3 for 300 12 for 1200 24 for 2400.
Supprted areas are here listed with also their host number. This is for 
people that have (legal or not) a Telenet id or use a Gateway on the Telenet
Network .
so for area code 202  at the Telenet @ prompt you can also write
C 202 116<CR> if you have a previously set your telenet id or your pad has
a direct line to Telenet no id is needed!!
For FOREIGNERS if you have access to other packet nets connected to Telenet
type this NUA (Network User Address) 0311020200116
where 03110 is to call Telenet network the 0 infront may be different for each
country eg UK is A93110 see your net representative (or hacker better!)
then 202 is the npa or area code desired and supported by PC Pursuit
and then follows the port number always padded with zeros in front to make a
five digit number so for 1 type 00001 and for 16 type 00016 and so on..
If from foreign countries you keep getting a busy or Network Congestion the
best way is to call some US Hosts that have a Telenet Gateway and call from
there the pcp dialouts.(i dunno why it seems always busy from europe and if i
call from us is always free or almost!! may be they give lower privs to calls
from other states!!)

The remote modems are Racal Vadic and can work in two modes: Hayes Compatible
and Racal Vadic (more infos on call progressing!).
when you get connected the modem will not say anything unless you type AT<CR>
or better ATZ<CR> to reset the modem.
now you are in hayes mode so to dial :
ATDT1234567<cr> as usual
if you want to go in racal mode just type CTRL-E i mean the control char!!
and <CR> and it will reply Hello I'm Ready.
now you can dial by typing d and at the number prompt t1234567 to tone dial.
you can get a full menu by typing M or P or ?
yuo can get the version of the firmware by typing CTRL-V
and you can also do a analogue test :that is all the data you type is converted
to the corect analogue signal to be sent to the remote modem but it is fed back
into the modem receive circuits and decoded to the correct digital (ascii) signal
and sent down to you so you can see if the remote modem works ok and if all
characters are fed through sometimes some chars get stripped out or interpreted!
to get out of an analogue loop test type CTRL-C CTRL-D one after the other
This procedure is also used to disconnect the modem when you are connected to
a bbs or whatever ( it's a sort of hayes + + + A T H 0 i had to type spaces 
not to upset my modem when uploading this File HEHEHE!!!).
Another fundamental thing is needed for those who want to dload:
you have to set correctly the X3 parameters of Telenet.
to see the parameters you need to call up the telenet prompt @ if you are 
connected to a host you have to type <CR>@<CR> to call the prompt
now you can give commands to the telenet PAD eg to see the actual settings
}itype PAR?<CR>
to set them type
SET? 3:0,4:2,5:0,9:0,10:0,12:0,13:0,14:0,15:0,7:8,2:0,1:0<CR>
you will see how they change and to go back to the connection (remote Host)
but if you have set the pad like i have told you now you cannot anymore
recall the PAD by <CR>@<CR> (that is 1:0 ->reset 1:1) but only with the
<BREAK> signal (that is 7:8 ) also you loose al editing facilities (15:0)
no word wrap line feeds after cr echo (2:0 ->reset 2:1) no
Xon Xoff (5:0 and 12:0 ->reset 5:1 12:1)
I have to remember if Foreigners call a telenet dialout through their packet
net they have to set their PAD parameters sure they are similar to the normal
telenet ones (X3 is now almost standard for all world! PADs) and if they go
also through a telenet gateway both network pads (the local and remote gateway
must be set to these values!)
Now if you still don't manage x/ymodem u/dloads you have a chanche to find
out the reason!! by setting the dialout in Racal mode and then going in 
Analogue Loop Back test mode (CTRL-A) at the * prompt!
Then if you have a term prog that will show control codes (set that option
otherwise capture all data to a file and then analyze it with a hex dumper
so that you see all control chars)
now start typing control chars to do it with a good rule get an ascii chart
and you start with CTRL-@ that is hex 00 or ^0 and then CTRL-A that is 01 or
^A then go on in order with all capital letters of the alphabet and when you
reached CTRL-Z continue with 5 symbols following Z in your ascii chart 
usually they are [ \ ] ^ _ 
there is one more problem be careful you have not to type CTRL-C followed
by CTRL-D otherwise you go out of the analogue loop back test mode so when is
their turn swap them round do CTRL-D and then CTRL-C and the go on with the
rest of the alphabet.
Now what you should get is , if your comms prog can show contrlol chars, you
will see something like this :^@^A^B^D^C^E^F^G....and so on all ascii chart up
to ^Z^[^\^]^^^_ or if it shows control chars in hex you should get 00 01 02
....and so on all digits in hex or decimal from 00 (00hex) to 31 (1F hex)
with only two of them in the wrong order around that are the CTRL-C and CTRL-D
Usually the problem is that the network you use are not fully transparent
and they don't return all chars you have sent usually these ate the CTRL-S
and CTRL-Q usually used to control (stop and restart) data flow if this is
your case the new Zmodem Protocol will solve your problem (this comms protocol
escapes CTRL-Q CTRL-S CTRL-P <CR>@<CR> and the DEL char) also Kermit and 
SuperKermit will solve your problem but they are aufully slow compared to
Zmodem!! if you see that there are other ctrl chars that are filtered then 
you have to use the same protocols as before but with an option that tells them
to escape all ctrl chars (this will make it will be a lot slower!!)
if instead the prob is that the network adds come chars (sometimes adds a line
feed to a CR ) you almost surely cannot solve the problem!! (use another system!)
Last thing is that if no ctrl chars are stripped out you have to look if all
the rest flow through so start typing with the ascii chart in hand all chars
from the Space then to all simbols all digits and on up to all lower case letters
and the following simbols if all ok the next step is looking for problems with
all the rest of the ascii codes that have the most significant bit set (the
ones from 128 to 255 decimal).
If you haven't got a comms prog with show ctrl chars option just capture all
you receive as you type and then close the file and and dump it with a hex dump
utility and analyze it you will discover too the same things as online!

PCPursuit Telenet nodes list scanned up to now.

AREA  Ports.......                    Town         State
----  ------------                    ----         -----
201   1 301                           Newark       NJ New Jersey
202   115 116 117 230                 Washinhgton  DC 
203   -Not yet scanned!               Hartford     CT Connecticut
206   17 19                           Seattle      WA Washington
212   16 315 316 412                  New York     NY New York
213   412 413                         Los Angeles  CA California
214   117 118                         Dallas       TX Texas
215   5 112                           Philadelphia PA Pennsylvania
301   -once was a backdoor of 202     Baltimore    MD Maryland
303   20 21 114 115                   Denver       CO Colorado
305   19                              Miami        FL Florida
312   411 412                         Chicago      IL Illinois
313   216                             Detroit      MI Michigan
314   -Not yet scanned!               St.Louis     MO Missouri
404   -Not yet scanned!               Atlanta      GA Georgia
408   20 21                           San Jose     CA California
414   20 21                           Milwaukee    WI Wisconsin
415   215 217 220                     San Francis. CA California
503   20 21                           Portland     OR Oregon
602   20 21                           Phoenix      AZ Arizona
612   -Not yet scanned!               Minneapolis  MN Minnesota
617   311 313                         Boston       MA Massachusetts
619   -Not yet scanned!               San Diego    CA California
703   -once was a backdoor of 202     Alexandria   VA Virginia
713   113 114                         Houston      TX Texas
714   -Not yet scanned!               Riverside    CA California
718   -once was a backdoor of 212     Brooklyn     NY New York
       (1718+phone number)
801   20 21                           SaltLakeCity UT Utah
813   20 21                           Tampa        FL Florida
815   -once was a backdoor of 312     Rockford     IL Illinois
       (1815+phone number)
816   -Not yet scanned!               Kansas City  MO Missouri
817   -once was a backdoor of 214     Fort Worth   TX Texas
818   21                              Glendale     CA California
916   -Not yet scanned!               Sacramento   CA California
919   20 21                           Res.Tri.Park NC North Carolina
Happy Pursuiting .......... BlackHack   (DTE222)


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