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TUCoPS :: Networks :: pcpbas.txt

PcP Basics

                       How To Use PC Pursuit Service

    Placing a PC Pursuit Call

      * Use a modem to dial your local Telenet access telephone
        number with parameters settings of 8-N-1.

      * Type two CARRIAGE RETURNS (CR) D (CR)

      Telenet  Prompt      User Input              Comments

(1)   Terminal =        D1 (CR)                    Input Terminal ID.
                                                   D1 is typical for
                                                   PC's. If not known,
                                                   type CR.

(2)   @                 C D/NYNYO/12,YOUR ID (CR)  Type area code desired,
                                                   modem speed and your
                                                   user ID. (Note that
                                                   /3 = 300 bps, /12 = 1200
						   bps, /24 = 2400 bps).

(3)   PASSWORD =        PASSWORD (CR)              Enter user Password

(4)   D/NYNYO/12                                   Connected to target
      CONNECTED                                    city outdial modem.

(5)                     ATZ                        Type ATZ (in upper case)

(6)   OK                                           Modem responds as cleared.

(7)                     ATDT 7654321               Type ATDT (in upper case)
                                                   and the 7-digit number
                                                   you wish to dial.

(8)   CONNECT           (CR) (CR)                  You are now connected to
                                                   the computer that you
                                                   dialed. Procees as if
                                                   the  number was dialed


    1. If the connection was not made, a BUSY will be seen within 30
       seconds. The BUSY message means that the number dialed was either
       busy, not in service, or an invalid attempt to dial more than 7
       digits. A BUSY will also be seen after disconnecting from the
       host computer, but you can dial another number by starting again
       at the fifth step and typing ATZ and dialing the number.

    2. PC Pursuit uses standard HAYES dialing commands, which enable
       you to type the A/ (no CR) command to redial the previously
       dialed number.

    3. When a typing mistake is made in the second and third steps,
       the log-on must be re-entered.

    To Disconnect from PC Pursuit

      Telenet Prompt      User Input               Comments

                          (CR) @ (CR)              Escape to Telenet
                                                   command level.

      @                   D (CR)                   At the @ sign,issue
                                                   disconnect command.

      D/NYNYO/12                                   Disconnect from the
      DISCONNECTED                                 target city complete.
                                                   User is still connected
                                                   to Telenet at the local
                                                   dial-up city. A PC Pursuit
                                                   can now be placed to
                                                   another city.


    1. To DISCONNECT FROM TELENET, log off your computer as usual, or

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