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Legions of Lucifer: Hacking through Tymnet

                     LoL - PHUCK                             
       ANSi By: 
DToX <ACiD>                                                                          egions f ucifer - Phone Hackers United Crash 
Kill    < ..-PHUCK > This text file is (C)Copyright 1990,91 ..-PHUCK, Inc. - All rights reservedWritten by   : Oolon Colluphid of DHS / Count_Zer0Edited  by   : Oolon Co
lluphidDate Released: April 1, 1991Issue Number : Issue #18Part  1 out of 1ͻHacking T
hrough Tymnet / Tymnet Tutorialͼ

Legions of Lucifer ('ljen ov lcifr) n. 1. Any multitude of followers
 of the chief evil spirit, Satan.  2. A group of Telecommunications and
 Computer Experts that work together as one to cause havok in the
 anarchy bound society of this nation.

PHUCK : Phone Hackers United Crash Kill

Legions of Lucifer merged with PHUCK, INC on January 15, 1991 at 11:41pm PST!
We are now:    L.o.L-PHUCK

L.o.L-PHUCK PreZident Note: H.M.S. Queen Mary's Revenge (L.o.L World HQ) has
changed the the board name to: West Coast Technologies, Inc.


        Many people may or may not have heard of Tymnet.  Tymnet is one of
the best information gathering networks that is around.  It seems as though
it were set up with the hacker in mind, but we all know this isn't true.
After becoming expierenced with the network, I found there to be little
information avaliable to the newcomer, with the exception of what is already
avaliable on the network, but as we all know, this leaves the newcomer
craving for more.

      As this file was under construction, a great blow hit the hacker
community on the network; four of the most popular NUIs died (NUIs to
be discussed later).  They were VIDEO, and the T.LLOYxx Family.  In hopes
of having the community reborn, an additional new NUI has been included.

      For more information regarding Tymnet, Telenet, and other PSNs,
consult the Leigon's of Lucifer Text File #10-11. Although other information
on PSNs is avaliable from Leigon's of Lucifer, this file was written in
mind that the reader is unfamiliar with Tymnet.  Terminology that would
appear to be new to the reader is explained, in hopes that you will gain a
greater knowledge of the networks.

What Is Tymnet?:

        Tymnet is an international network designed for two basic reasons.
One, to link computers worldwide in order to exchange information.  Two, so
hackers can take advantage of the network and connect to the as many computers
avaliable =).

        Tymnet is linked to computers throughout the world including most
major continents (North/South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, etc.).
Tymnet is referred to as a PSN, which is an acronym for Packet Switching
Network.  A PSN is any network that sends information via packets, in
Tymnet's case, 128 byte packets.

        The following is an example of a simple PSN, which includes three
major components:

        1) The PAD      (Your Local Dialup)
        2) The PSN      (The network that you are currently on)
        3) The Host     (The computer you connect to via the PSN)

        Use of a PSN is quite simple.  First you must connect to your local
PAD, and sign in with a NUI.  If the NUI is valid, a colon prompt will follow
(;), at which you may enter any NUA (NUAs to be discussed later), depending
on what level of access the NUI has.  The PSN then connects you to the Host,
posing as a relay between you and the host.  If this appears confusing, read
through the rest of this file, and browse back through it, and possibly you
will understand the concept a bit better.

        Since Tymnet is not connected to nearly as many businesses as Telenet,
it turns to be more of a communication and information gathering tool then a
scanning one.  Hackers on Tymnet, which can be contacted on the many various
chat systems are almost always bound to have information to trade, or give
away.  Almost everything is avaliable, from telco, fraud, to hacking.

Connecting to Tymnet:

        The first thing you must do is find your local Tymnet dialup.  If you
already know your dialup, you can skip by this paragraph, and move on.  There
are two ways to aquire your dialup.  Voice, or data.  If you choose to find
out your dialup voice, call 1-(800)-222-0555.  Use your touch-tone keypad and
follow the voice prompts.  Data is quite simple if you are already familiar
with the logon process on Tymnet.  Type 'Information', or 'Info' at the NUI
(Logon) prompt.  It's self explanitory from there. You can also dial 1-(800)
336-0149 to find out your local dial, this includes HST Modems.

        You must now prepare your terminal to communicate with Tymnet.  Switch
your parity to either 7E1 or 8N1.  7E1 is preferred, as I have encountered
problems using 8N1.  Toggle your Local Echo until it appears satisfactory.

        Once connected, Hit return a few times until the following message

please type your terminal identifier

        When this occurs, hit 'a' if you have 7E1, or 'o' if you have 8N1
set up.  The 'a' / 'o' combination tells the PAD your parity setting.
Something to this effect will follow:

    please log in:

        You have now successfully connected to Tymnet.

Usage of NUIs:

        NUI is an acronym for Network User Identification.  This is much like
the standard 'user name' on your favorite BBS.  NUIs are legitimate accounts
given to paying members of Tymnet.  Hackers always seem to have a knack for
setting up illegal NUIs though.

        Unlike Telenet, Tymnet NUIs are easy to find.  The NUI 'VIDEO', which
was by far one of the most popular hacker NUIs on Tymnet was cancelled during
the construction of this file.  Along with it, the T.LLOYxx Family died
(T.LLOY01, T.LLOY02, T.LLOY03).  These NUIs are probaby the most free
accounts that have been avaliable; meaning they had extremely little

        The new NUI that was mentoned earlier in the file is 'Parmasterx75'.
The password is 'Par=Tymnet Gawd!'.

(Editor's Notes: Parmasterx75, and the newer Par NUIs are now dead)

        After entering a legitimate NUI, a colon prompt will appear.  This
notifies you that Tymnet is ready to recieve a NUA.  NUA is an acronym for
Network User Address.  This could be associated with a BBS telephone number,
as they are much alike in certain aspects.

Types of NUAs:

Chat Systems-

        Chat systems are probably the most popular of the NUAs to hackers on
the networks.  You can find many other hackers that are willing to trade new
information.  As well, in-depth conversations on hacking do take place on
chat systems, so they are an excellent place to learn for the newcomer.

        One of the most popular chat systems is QSD France.  You can reach
QSD via 208057040540 NUA.  It is not a 'Live' chat system, as messages take
some time to exchange.  This chat system is also an excellent place to find
other hackers to exchange information with.  But be noted, QSD is like a
local chat system in France, so you will, certain times, run into people who
know nothing about hacking.  It's best to avoid these people, because they
are usually gay/lesbian, or looking for a fight.  Besides, what use do you
have for the general public?  When reaching QSD, remember to change your
parity to 8N1.  If you logged in with 8N1, don't worry about it.  Another
note, QSD treats a destructive backspace as return.  Do NOT hit backspace.
The only way to get around the backspace problem, from my knowledge, is to
use a Canadian PAD.

        Most other chat systems are run off either custom software, like
QSD, or off a Unix Shell.  The Unix Shell chat systems are a bit harder
to understand, but are much more powerful.  When logging in to a Unix chat
system, you will see a Logon: prompt, as most Unix's have.  Try using default
accounts to logon (x25, Guest, etc.).  When logging onto a Unix Chat System
which automatically places your NUA (Your PAD Address), use the FROM=
command from the logon.  RMI Chat System is a perfect example of this.
Use Gast FROM=Hell/Gast as a Username/Password.  If you want other hackers
to know the exact geographical location from which you are calling, don't
bother with this, otherwise, be safe, and use the FROM= command.

        Unix Chat Systems resemble closely to the conferences found on
most pay networks (Compu-Shit, GEnie, BIX, etc), as they are 'Live', and
you see messages as soon as the author writes them.

Outdials Explained:

        Outdials that are avaliable on Tymnet are PC-Persuit (Telenet)
Outdials.  PC-Persuit is a pay service from Telenet where you sign up
and pay a monthly fee, and you are allowed a certain amount of long
distance data calls.  Of course, when using PC-Persuit Outdials through
Tymnet, you don't have to pay for anything.

        Outdials are restricted only to dial numbers from within that
area code.  If you logon to the 213 Outdial, you can only reach data
numbers in 213.  These Outdials are referred to as Local Outdials.

        There is another type of Outdials, and there are called Global
Outdials, or, abbreviated, GODs.  GODs can call anywhere within the
United States with no restrictions, unlike LODs.  The dial format for
GODs usually differs.  Ask whomever you recieved the GOD from for
dialing procedures.

        Usage of Outdials is quite simple, after logging into Tymnet,
and entering the NUA of the desired Outdial, you must hit one of three
commands.  If you are new to Outdials, they have a help level avaliable
where a program controlls the modem for you via certain commands you
send to it.  To reach this help level, hit either CTRL-E or '%' when
you connect to the Outdial.  If you wish to use simplified AT commands,
type 'AT', and you are ready.  Use the AT level just as you would with
your own modem.  Entering a 1+AC+Number is not neccessary, and if done,
will not work correctly.  Remember, you are logged into a certain area
code, and you can only call numbers within that area code, so just
type the local 7 digit phone number.

          File transfering through Tymnet/Telenet OutDial through tymnet
is tricky when you are on a BBS, you must ALWAYS switch to 8n1,1 after you
connect to a BBS through a OD, and when you are about to transfer, the only
protocol you can use is PCP Z-Modem, aka MobyTurbo Zmodem, aka Z-Modem '90.
This protocol was made for tymnet OD's and if you don't use it, you will get
a slew of errors in your file and it will just corrupt the file and/or abort
your transfer.

DNIC Restrictions:

        DNIC is an acronym for Data Network Identification Code.  A DNIC is
made up of the first 4 digits of any NUA.  There are plenty of DNIC lists
around, so I will not include one.  A DNIC shows which network, or country
you are connecting to.

        Most of the NUIs that have been around have had very little
restrictions when it comes to connecting to different DNICs, but as they
are slowly dying, you might run into trouble with new NUIs that have

        If you are trying to connect to a system in Germany, and your
NUI barres access to German DNICs, try connecting to another PAD, such
as an Enland PAD, and attempt connecting to the NUA again.  You should
not run into many problems.  It's harder to scan this way.. but it's
a method around NUI restrictions.

(Editor's Notes:  In this text file, the author refers to your local
Tymnet dialup as a PAD.  Technically, it is.  Technically, everything
on Tymnet is a PAD.  When I use the acronym PAD, I mean an x28/x29
PAD, and not a local dialup, and most of the rest of the hacker community
on the networks would agree.  I find very rare instances where I see
it used in this way.)

Here is a list of Telenet PC-Pursuit Local Out Dials:

     New Jersey:
3110 201 00 022   2400 Baud

     District of Columbia:
3110 202 00 117   2400 Baud

3110 203 00 105   2400 Baud

3110 206 00 208   2400 Baud

     New York:
3110 212 00 028   2400 Baud

3110 213 00 023   2400 Baud
3110 213 00 413   2400 Baud
3110 714 00 004   2400 Baud
3110 714 00 102   2400 Baud
3110 916 00 007   2400 Baud
3110 408 00 021   2400 Baud

3110 214 00 022   2400 Baud
3110 713 00 024   2400 Baud

3110 215 00 022   2400 Baud

3110 216 00 120   2400 Baud

3110 303 00 021   2400 Baud
3110 303 00 115   2400 Baud

3110 305 00 122   2400 Baud
3110 813 00 124   2400 Baud

3110 312 00 024   2400 Baud

3110 313 00 024   2400 Baud

3110 314 00 005   2400 Baud

3110 404 00 022   2400 Baud

3110 414 00 120   2400 Baud

3110 602 00 026   2400 Baud

3110 612 00 022   2400 Baud

3110 617 00 026   2400 Baud

3110 801 00 012   2400 Baud

     North Carolina:
3110 919 00 124   2400 Baud

          Look for more on Tymnet soon from Legions of Lucifer-PHUCK, Inc.
Tymnet is a growing part of the Hacking community, and with your help we
can all make tymnet's information more available to the rest of the hackers.






  "Anarchy is the base of todays society, without it, we would be in chaos"
- Anarchist

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