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TUCoPS :: Networks :: kermit_n.txt

NIC Kermit server usage info

[ netinfo/kermit-nicserver.txt ]


The NIC has a Kermit server available for use from the DDN without login.
Using this, a DDN user can connect to the NIC from a TAC and download public
files using Kermit, without having to first connect to another host or login
to the NIC.

NOTATION:  In the instructions below pressing the Return (or Carriage
           Return) key is indicated with:  <Return>

SETUP: Your communication program must support the Kermit file transfer
       protocol, and be able to issue Kermit server commands (i.e. "get").

       Your communications program must have the Kermit parameters
       set so that the receive packet length is 60 (characters).


1. Call up a DDN TAC and open a connection to NIC by typing:


   OR:                     @o  <Return>

2. Upon getting the NIC's banner, put the TAC in binary mode by typing:

                           @b o s<Return>
                           @b i s<Return>

3. Type <Return> again and wait for the NIC's '@' prompt to re-appear.

4. Start the NIC Kermit server by typing:


5. Drop back to your PC prompt and issue the command to get the file
   you want to download (for example):

                           get netinfo:00netinfo-index.txt<Return>

   ( netinfo:00netinfo.txt could be any NIC public files, i.e. RFCs, etc. )

6. When the transfer is complete, you can repeat the "get" command
   again, until you have downloaded all the files you want.

7. To end the session, type (at the PC Kermit prompt):


   This will exit from the Kermit server and logout from the NIC,
   returning you to the TAC.  You can then hang up the phone.

   NOTE: If the NIC Kermit server doesn't respond to the 'bye'
         command, break the connection by hanging up the phone.

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