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TUCoPS :: Networks :: ihost_te.txt

Template for new host table entries

[ netinfo/ihost-template.txt. ]

This file contains the format for submitting new internet host entries
to be included in the DoD Internet Host Table.  It may be retrieved
via FTP by getting the file netinfo/ihost-template.txt.

   NOTE: The size of DoD Internet Host Table is reaching the limits of
   manageability.  Therefore, we discourage the registration of new
   hosts in the table unless it is essential for your internet host to
   interoperate with MILNET hosts.  Instead, we advise that
   any new hosts or gateways be registered with the domain name
   servers that will be disseminating your host information.

The format for entries is:



ADDR = internet address in decimal, e.g.,
HOSTNAME,NICKNAME = host name and nickname (See NOTE, below)
CPUTYPE = machine type (PDP-11/44, VAX-11/780, LSI-11/23, C/70, etc.)
OPSYS = operating system (UNIX, VMS, MOS, TOPS20, etc.)
PROTOCOLS = transport/service (TCP/TELNET,TCP/SMTP,TCP/FTP, etc.)
: (colon) = field delimiter
:: (2 colons) = null field

Example -

   NOTE: No nicknames will be accepted for new host entries; in the
   event that this request constitutes a host name change, the old
   name will become a nickname for a period of time and then will be
   gradually phased out.  User programs may use whatever name
   abbreviations they wish locally, within their own system.

We also need to know the name, address, phone number, and electronic
mailbox for a point of contact, as well as the geographical address of
the host itself.  This information will be added to our database, if
not entered already, and the individual will be designated as
coordinator for any questions regarding this internet host.

Requests may be sent to the mailbox HOSTMASTER@NIC.DDN.MIL.

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