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TUCoPS :: Networks :: ien_idx.txt

Internet Experimental Notes Index

[ /netinfo/ien-index.txt ]

                             IEN INDEX

This file contains a list of all IENs in reverse numeric order.  The
IEN list appears in this format:

     ...     Author's last name  DD-MMM-YY  Title or Comment

(Sometimes the date of issue lists only month and year).

Not all IENs issued are available online.  Online copies are available via
FTP or Kermit from NIC.DDN.MIL as IEN:IEN-###.TXT (where ### is the
number of the IEN without leading zeroes).

Additionally, IENs may be requested through electronic mail from the
automated NIC mail server by sending a message to SERVICE@NIC.DDN.MIL
with a subject line of "IEN ###".  To obtain the IEN index,
the subject line of your message should read "IEN index".

Paper copies of all IENs are also available from the NIC.


                               IEN List

      ...     Gurwitz         Sep-82   IP - Local Area Network Addressing 
      ...     Sunshine        Aug-82   Protocol Specification and 
      Verification Work at USC/ISI
      ...     -----           ------   Not issued 
      ...     Rosen                    The note originally scheduled to be 
      IEN-209 has been issued as RFC 827 instead
      ...     Hinden                   The note originally scheduled to be 
      IEN-208 has been issued as RFC 823 instead
      ...     De Lauer        Mar-82   DoD Policy on Standardization of 
      Host-to-Host Protocols for Data Communications Networks 
      ...     -----           ------   Not issued 
      ...     -----           ------   Not issued 
      ...     -----           ------   Not issued 
      ...     -----           ------   Not issued 
      ...     -----           ------   Not issued 
      ...     Clark           Dec-81   Internet Short Term Service Goals 
      ...     Clark           Dec-81   Internet Project Research Planning 
      ...     -----           ------   Not issued 
      ...     Cole            Sep-81   Extended Memory MOS for a Unix 
      Development Host
      ...     Littauer        Sep-81   A Host Monitoring Protocol
      ...     Bowman          Sep-81   Issues Involving Non-Routing Gateways
      ...     Sunshine        Aug-81   Comments on NBS Transport Protocol 
      ...     Mills        23-Jul-81   DCNET Mail Plan
      ...     Watson          Jul-81   Timer-Based Mechanisms in Reliable 
      Transport Protocol Connection Management (Not online)
      ...     McNeill         Jul-81   Host/Satnet Protocol
      ...     Sunshine        Jul-81   Comments on Rosen's Memos
      ...     Cole          9-Jul-81   Routing and Access Control in UK to US
      ...     Rosen           Jun-81   Issues in Internetting  Part 4:  
      ...     Rosen           Jun-81   Issues in Internetting  Part 3: 
      ...     Rosen           Jun-81   Issues in Internetting  Part 2: 
      Accessing The Internet
      ...     Bernstein       May-81   Proposed DCEC IP Specification
      ...     Braden          May-81   Development of UK/US Network Services 
      at University College, London
      ...     Rosen           May-81   Issues in Internetting  Part 1: 
      Modelling The Internet
      ...     Rosen           May-81   Logical Addressing
      ...     Rosen           May-81   Issues in Buffer Management
      ...     Haverty         May-81   Van Gateway:  Some Routing and 
      Performance Issues
      ...     Cohen           Mar-81   A Suggestion for Internet Message 
      Forwarding for MOSIS
      ...     Cohen           Mar-81   Addressing and Routing
      ...     Sunshine        Apr-81   Addressing Problems in Multi-Network 
      ...     Postel       24-Mar-81   Comments on Action Items from the 
      January Meeting
      ...     Lyons           Mar-81   The DECSYSTEM-20 TCP/IP User Interface
      ...     Postel       13-Mar-81   Internet Meeting Notes -- 28-29-30 
      January 1981
      ...     CCITT        12-Feb-81   Private Network DTE Addressing
      ...     Mills        25-Feb-81   Time Synchronization in DCNET Hosts
      ...     Flood Page    9-Mar-81   A Simple Message Generator
      ...     Cohen        18-Jan-81   Addressing in the ARPAnet, Another 
      ...     Cohen        25-Jan-81   On IP-Addressing
      ...     Bennett      23-Jan-81   A Simple NIFTP-Based Mail System
      ...     Gurwitz         Jan-81   VAX-UNIX Networking Support Project 
      Implementation Description
      ...     Sax             Jul-80   HP3000 TCP Design Document
      ...     Hinden          Jan-81   Design of TCP/IP for the TAC
      ...     Cohen           Jan-81   About Addressing in the WBnet
      ...     Stern           Jan-81   CMOS System Overview
      ...     Jones           Nov-80   Echo Delay Measurements with GGP 
      ...     Pershing        Oct-80   Transport, Addressing, and Routing in 
      the Wideband Net
      ...     Jones           Nov-80   A Proposal for Simple Measurement 
      Support for Users
      ...     Postel        7-Nov-80   Internet Meeting Notes - 7-8-9 October
      ...     Shoch           Oct-80   Notes on the "Worm" Programs - Some 
      Early Experience with a Distributed Computation
      ...     Haverty       1-Oct-80   XNET Formats for Internet Protocol 
      Version 4
      ...     Flood Page   21-Sep-80   CMCC Performance Measurement Message 
      ...     Cohen         7-Sep-80   Controlled Routing in the Catenet 
      ...     Bennett      12-Aug-80   The Yellow Book Transport Service: 
      Principles and Status
      ...     Bennett      29-Jul-80   Realization of the Yellow Book 
      Transport Service Above TCP (supersedes IEN 153)
      ...     Bennett      29-Jul-80   Realization of the Yellow Book 
      Transport Service Above TCP
      ...     Cerf          1-Jul-80   DoD Protocol Standardization
      ...     Cerf          1-Apr-80   Final Report of the Stanford 
      University TCP Project
      ...     Plummer         Jun-80   TCP JSYS Calling Sequences
      ...     Postel          Jun-80   File Transfer Protocol Specification
      ...     Postel          Jun-80   Telnet Protocol Specification
      ...     Perlman         Jun-80   Utilizing Internet Routes as 
      Expressways Through Slow Nets
      ...     Perlman         Jun-80   Flying Packet Radios and Network 
      ...     Postel       29-May-80   Internet Meeting Notes - 14 & 15 May 
      ...     Saltzer         Mar-80   Source Routing for Campus-Wide 
      Internet Transport
      ...     Saltzer         Mar-80   Environment Considerations for 
      ...     Postel          Apr-80   Time Server
      ...     Bennett      11-Apr-80   Message System Issues
      ...     Shoch           Apr-80   Mutual Encapsulation of Internetwork 
      Protocols (Not online)
      ...     Haverty         Apr-80   HOSTs as IMPs
      ...     Shoch           Apr-80   Initial Comparison of EPRs and IPRs in
      the Pup Internet Environment
      ...     Cohen         1-Apr-80   On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace
      ...     Wiseman       1-May-80   Memory Management Extensions to the 
      SRI Micro Operating System for PDP-11/23/34/35/40
      ...     Sunshine        Mar-80   Addressing Mobile Hosts in the ARPA 
      Internet Environment
      ...     Postel       29-Feb-80   Internet Meeting Notes - 4, 5, & 6 
      February 1980
      ...     Sollins      29-Jan-80   The TFTP Protocol
      ...     Flood Page    1-Feb-80   The CMCC Terminal Process
      ...     Flood Page    1-Feb-80   Gateway Monitoring Protocol
      ...     ---            ...      Comparison of X.25 and TCP-4 as 
      Cable-bus Network Protocols (Not online)
      ...     Postel          Jan-80   DOD Standard Transmission Control 
      (NTIS No. ADA082609)
      ...     Postel          Jan-80   DOD Standard Internet Protocol (NTIS 
      No. ADA079730)
      ...     Postel          Jan-80   Assigned Numbers
      ...     Cohen           Nov-79   Summary of the ARPA/ETHERNET Community
      ...     Cerf            Dec-79   Pre-emption
      ...     Postel          Dec-79   DOD Standard Transmission Control 
      ...     Postel          Dec-79   DOD Standard Internet Protocol
      ...     Cohen        31-Oct-79   On Addressing and Related Issues (or: 
      Fuel for a Discussion)
      ...     Postel       25-Oct-79   Internet Meeting Notes - 10, 11, 12, &
      13, September 1979
      ...     Perlman         Oct-79   Internet Routing and the Network 
      Partition Problem
      ...     Forgie        7-Sep-79   ST - A Proposed Internet Stream 
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Internet Protocol Handbook Table of 
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Assigned Numbers
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Name Server
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Address Mappings
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Protocol Options
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Internet Message Protocol
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Transmission Control Protocol
      ...     Postel          Aug-79   Internet Protocol
      ...     Cerf         31-Aug-79   Internet Addressing and Naming in a 
      Tactical Environment
      ...     Strazisar       Aug-79   How to Build a Gateway
      ...     Plummer      19-Jun-79   Internet User Queues
      ...     Binder          May-79   SATNET Reconfiguration Plan (Not online)
      ...     Postel       17-May-79   Internet Meeting Notes - 8, 9, 10, & 
      11 May 1979 (Not online)
      ...     Flood Page   25-May-79   ARPA Catenet Monitoring and Control
      (Not online)
      ...     Strazisar    12-Mar-79   Minutes of the Fault Isolation Meeting
      ...     Pickens       4-May-79   An Experimental Network Information 
      Center Name Server (NICNAME)
      ...     Forsdick      4-May-79   Comparison of AUTODIN FTP with NI FTP
      (Not online)
      ...     Forsdick      4-May-79   AUTODIN FTP Summary (Not online)
      ...     Bennett       3-May-79   Comparison of the DIN FTP and the NI 
      ...     Higginson     3-May-79   NI FTP: Summary and Assessment
      ...     Postel        3-May-79   TCP Implementation Status
      ...     Holmgren        May-79   Flexible Datagram Protocol
      ...     Skelton       2-May-79   The MITRE Cablenet Project
      ...     Cohen         2-May-79   Source Routing
      ...     Postel        2-May-79   Internet Protocol Handbook Table of 
      ...     Postel        3-May-79   Assigned Numbers
      ...     Postel        2-May-79   Protocol Options
      ...     Postel        2-May-79   Address Mappings
      ...     Cohen         2-May-79   Multiplexing Protocol
      ...     Postel        2-May-79   Internet Name Server (Not online)
      ...     Postel        2-May-79   User Datgram Protocol 
      ...     Perlman       9-Apr-79   Internet Flow and Congestion Control
       (Not online)
      ...     Perlman       5-Apr-79   Extended Internet Routing (Not online)
      ...     Postel          Mar-79   Internet Message Protocol
      ...     Cohen         1-Apr-79   A Modern Application of Teleprocessing
       (Not online)
      ...     Kirstein     23-Mar-79   Addressing Through Port Expanders
       (Not online)
      ...     Chiappa      12-Feb-79   LCS Net Address Format
      ...     Postel          Feb-79   Transmission Control Protocol
      (Not online)
      ...     Postel          Feb-79   Internet Datagram Protocol (Not online)
      ...     Lozano-Perez    Jan-79   A Protocol Test Facility: Request for 
      Comments (Not online)
      ...     Shoch           Feb-79   Internetwork Experiments with the Bay 
      Area Packet Radio Network (Not online)
      ...     Postel        7-Feb-79   TCP Meeting Notes - 29 January 1979
      (Not online)
      ...     Postel        7-Feb-79   Internet Meeting Notes - 25 and 26 
      January 1979 (Not online)
      ...     Plummer      21-Sep-78   The TCP RESET Mechanism (Not online)
      ...     Plummer      21-Sep-78   Sequence Number Arithmetic
      ...     Abramovitz   23-Jan-79   A TCP Implementation Issue (Not online)
      ...     Postel       23-Jan-79   Multiplexing Protocol
      ...     Reed         21-Jan-79   User Datagram Protocol (Not online)
      ...     Postel       15-Dec-78   TCP Meeting Notes - 4 December 1978
      (Not online)
      ...     Postel        9-Oct-78   TCP Meeting Notes - 18 & 19 September 
      1978 (Not online)
      ...     Postel       27-Jun-78   TCP Meeting Notes - 15 & 16 June 1978
      (Not online)
      ...     Postel        8-Feb-78   TCP Meeting Notes - 30 & 31 January 
      1978 (Not online)
      ...     Postel       21-Oct-77   TCP Meeting Notes - 13 & 14 October 
      1977 (Not online)
      ...     Postel        5-Aug-78   TCP Meeting Notes - 14 & 15 July 1977
      (Not online)
      ...     Sunshine     12-Mar-78   TCP Meeting Notes - 12 March 1977
      (Not online)
      ...     Postel       14-Nov-78   Internet Meeting Notes - 30 & 31 
      October 1978 (Not online)
      ...     Davidson     27-Oct-78   Enriched Internet Addressing of 
      ARPANET Resources - An Interim Proposal (Not online)
      ...     Postel       27-Oct-78   Internet Name Server
      ...     Davidson     17-Oct-78   Boston Area Meeting of the Internet 
      Working Group to Discuss Interactions with Gateways (Not online)
      ...     Bennett      23-Oct-78   The UCL Transnet File Transfer 
      Implementation (Not online)
      ...     Perlman         Oct-78   Access Control: An Informal Discussion
      (Not online)
      ...     Plummer       5-Oct-78   Provisional TCP Development Plan
      (Not online)
      ...     Reed         11-Sep-78   CRC Checksum Calculation (Not online)
      ...     Postel          Sep-78   Specification of Internetwork 
      Transmission Control Protocol TCP Version 4 (Not online)
      ...     Postel          Sep-78   Internetwork Protocol Specification 
      Version 4 (Not online)
      ...     Postel       21-Aug-78   Internet Meeting Notes - 2, 3, 4 
      August 1978 (Not online)
      ...     Cohen        11-Aug-78   Some Thoughts About the Multiplexing 
      Issue in Networks
      ...     Bennett      21-Jul-78   Types of Service on the Catenet
      ...     Edge            ---      A Comparative Evaluation of 
      Retransmission Techniques (Not online)
      ...     Higginson    24-Jul-78   Comments on the Proposed TCP Checksum 
      Schemen (Not online)
      ...     Cerf            Jul-78   The Catenet Model for Internetworking
      ...     -----           ---      CCITT Draft Recommendation on the 
      Numbering Plan for Public Data Networks (Not online)
      ...     Clark           Jun-78   A Proposal for Addressing and Routing 
      in the Internet
      ...     Plummer       5-Jun-78   TCP Checksum Function Design
      ...     Postel          Jun-78   Latest Header Formats (Not online)
      ...     Pouzin          Feb-77   Interconnection of Virtual Circuits 
      and Datagrams (Not online)
      ...     Edmond       12-Jun-78   SATNET Information
      ...     Postel          Jun-78   Internetwork Protocol Specification - 
      Version 4 (Not online)
      ...     Postel          Jun-78   Specification of Internetwork 
      Transmission Control Protocol - Version 4 (Not online)
      ...     Postel       17-May-78   NSW Data Representation (NSWB8)
      (Not online)
      ...     Postel       17-May-78   NSW Transaction Protocol (NSWTP)
      (Not online)
      ...     Millstein       ---      NSW Bibliography (Not online)
      ...     Cashman      27-Dec-76   NSW File Package (Not online)
      ...     Kirstein     28-Apr-78   SATNET and the Provision of Transnet 
      ...     Bennett      25-Apr-78   The GNOME Controller (Not online)
      ...     Bennett      15-May-78   Internet Meeting Notes - 1 & 2 May 
      1978 (Not online)
      ...     Davidson     28-Apr-78   Catenet Monitoring and Control: A 
      Model for the Gateway Component
      ...     Cohen        28-Apr-78   On Names, Addresses and Routings (II)
      ...     Strazisar    11-Apr-78   Gateway Routing: An Implementation 
      Specification (Not online)
      ...     Day             ---      A Note on Urgent in TCP (Not online)
      ...     Postel          Feb-78   Draft Internetwork Protocol 
      Specification (Not online)
      ...     Cerf         14-Feb-78   A Proposal for TCP Version 3.1 Header 
      Format (Not online)
      ...     Cerf         14-Feb-78   A Proposed New Internet Header Format
      (Not online)
      ...     Strazisar    25-Jan-78   Gateway Dynamic Routing (Not online)
      ...     Perlman      27-Jan-78   Gateway Routing (Not online)
      ...     Cohen        23-Jan-78   On Names, Addresses and Routings
      ...     Postel        3-Feb-78   Internet Meeting Notes - 1 February 
      1978 (Not online)
      ...     Cerf            Jan-78   TCP 3 Specification (Not online)
      ...     Shoch           Jan-78   Inter-Network Fragmentation and the 
      TCP (Not online)
      ...     Shoch           Jan-78   Inter-Network Naming, Addressing, and 
      Routing (Not online)
      ...     Burchfiel    26-Oct-76   TCP Revisions (Not online)
      ...     Bochman         Mar-77   Datagrams as a Public Packet-switched 
      Data Transmission Service (Not online)
      ...     Postel       20-May-77   Extensible Field Addressing
      ...     Plummer      15-Sep-77   Thoughts about TCP Retransmission 
      Techniques (Not online)
      ...     Nelson       28-Feb-77   Thoughts on Multi-net Control and Data
      Collection Facilities (Not online)
      ...     UCL             ---      GNOME User's Guide (Not online)
      ...     Garlick      15-Mar-77   Issues in Reliable Host-to-Host 
      ...     Cohen        21-Mar-77   Internetting or Beyond NCP
      ...     Plummer       7-Mar-77   Internet Broadcast Issues
      ...     Perlman      26-Aug-77   Host/SIMP Protocol
      ...     UCL             ---      Gateway Experiments in Connection with
      the Packet Satellite Project (Not online)
      ...     -----           Jul-77   X.25 Specification (Not online)
      ...     Cerf         23-Aug-77   Gateways and Network Interfaces
      (Not online)
      ...     Cerf            Mar-77   TCP Version 2 Specification
      (Not online)
      ...     Rubin        16-May-77   Specification for a General Network 
      Conferencing System Voice Communication Supervisor (Not online)
      ...     Postel       18-Aug-77   Internet Meeting Notes - 15 August 
      1977 (Not online)
      ...     Postel       15-Aug-77   Comments on Internet Protocols and TCP
      (Not online)
      ...     Hinchley     29-Jul-77   Issues in the Interconnection of 
      Datagram Networks

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