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TUCoPS :: Networks :: hacker11.txt

Hacking Western Union Easylink



          By BIOC Agent 003 & Tuc TucBBS

          Uploaded by Elric of Imrryr

     Easylink  is a system that allows you to send
Telex,  Telex  II  (TWX),  mailgrams,   telegrams,
cablegrams, and a few others.
     First, either  dial  the  local  #  or  (800)
325-4112  (for  300  baud). It  will  respond with
EASYLINK, followed  by  ID?  At  this  point,  you
should  enter the code, which is in the format of:


           01 - says your are using full duplex
           ESL - says your are using Easylink
           ###### - a 6 digit account code
           USERNAME.PASSWORD - just that

     Once on, it will respond with a connection #,
the date, and time. You  will then see PTS,  which
stands  for Proceed  To Select. You  can then type
"/HELP" to see  what you can  do with the  system.
     If you want to send a Telex, type the telex #
followed by a plus(+).  It will then respond  with
GA which stands for Go Ahead.
     Now type in  the text. To  send the text  and
stay on Easylink type lLLL; to send it and log off
type MMMM.  To abort  the message,  type EEEE.  It
will then say either "ACCEPTED" followed by a # or
     If you want to send a mailgram, type:

     WHO TO
     ADDRESS 1
     ADDRESS 2 (optional)

     Make  sure that the zip is followed by a plus
(+).  At the GA, type in the message and terminate
it  with LLLL.  With mailgrams  the return address
belongs to  whoever  owns  the  account.  More  on
changing this info in part II, or if you penetrate
the system before then, write to us c/o TAP.
     For info on sending telegrams, editing, etc.,
type "/HELP" after any PTS prompt and it will give
you a rundown.
     If you just want to check out the system and
practice,  log  in using:  01  USR999999 TEST.TEST
This is their demo  password. It no longer  allows
you to send actual letters, though.
     Another WU system that uses the same password
format  is FYI  (For Your  Information). It  is at
(800) 325-NEWS (6397) and it carries UPI news  and
other "goodies."  Once on type CATALOG or UPIINDEX
for help.  Unfortunately,  the  demo  password  no
longer works on this system.

Downloaded from Just Say Yes. 2 lines, More than 500 files online!
         Full access on first call. 415-922-2008 CASFA 


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