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Free Compuserve Access

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     There are several ways you can go about getting CIS passwords. The
ones with unlimited access are quite a bit harder but, first of all, the
simplest to get are Radio Shack demo accounts. You can't do much but 
they are still kinda fun. Good for doing research.

     Use a one of the following scams or a variation to obtain Radio Shack
demo accounts.


     Call one of your local Radio Shack stores and say, 'hi, this is 
_______ , i'm your compuserve sales rep., We are doing a update on our
files, on all stores in the ______ area.  Then, ask them a bunch of
questions, like the manager's name, store location, store #, etc...  If
they tell ya this without any hesitation, then you've probably got
yourself a demo account. After they tell ya all that, tell them that you 
will need their present user id that they are using to do demonstrations
of compuserve.  Then, the kicker, ask them the password. If they tell ya, then 
thank them, and tell them if they have any questions to call you at
xxx-xxxx. Where xxx-xxxx is a number that is always busy.  That should
keep them from getting too suspicious.


     I use this one the most, because I started out with the previous 
method, and switched to this one because of all of the info. I had
gathered about the stores in my area.
     Find out a manager's name of a particular store in your area, then
call another store in the same area! Be friendly, and say, "hello, this is
the manager of ______ and we can't seem to get our compuserve demo
password to work and we have a customer here who would like to see a demo
of the service. Would you mind giving us yours until we call our D.M. and
find out what ours was changed to? As long as the two managers don't know
each other, you will have a demo account.  By the way, D.M. is an
abbreviation that they use for district manager.

     Well, enough of this demo account Bullshit, once you have a demo 
account, log on to CIS.  Go to the national user listing.  Look at the
users in your area.  Write them down and then call information and get
their phone numbers.

     Call them up and tell them you are ____ from CIS.  Continue to tell 
them that because of a security breach, you are going to have to change
their password.  Tell them that in order to do so, you will need their
user id and old password.  Take it down, pretend you are typing on a
terminal or something then tell them that it will be changed to _______
make up an official sounding password. Now thank them and again, give them
a busy number to call if they have questions...I find that compuserve's
800 number works good. (It's always busy anyway.)

    The third and final way I will discuss involves something more than
talking on the phone.  Go into your Radio Shack, pull a CIS package off of
the wall. Rip open the pack, read and memorize the password. Walk out. I 
have been busted for shoplifting but never shopreading. When the initial
hour runs out,use a credit card to gain a additional 2hrs. Of service.

Have Fun!

P.S. If all else fails, there is always 77770,101 free-demo or free:demo
but that id is a total waste of time. Logon with it and see what I mean.

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