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TUCoPS :: Networks :: comshare.txt

Logging Into Comshare in the U.K.

To logon to comshare :

at the prompt WHICH SERVICE type 
*CSA if you logged on at v21
*CSB if you logged on at v23
or type 3 this last one will get you a viewdata computer
or type 8 this will give you HP Info .

at the prompt COMSHARE:
type A gives commander II system A
type B gives commander II system B
type C gives commander II system C
type I gives commander II system I
type Q gives a VM computer send a break to logon
type T gives telecom gold
 with  lots  of  computers off this ,  use CALL xx where  xx  is  a 
 number, eg. CALL 01 gives Campus 2000 , you can call all the usual 
 telecom gold computers from here.

type P gives access to a prompt WHICH SERVICE ,from here type  all 
 of the above or 3 which gives MERCURY LINK 7500.

Sometimes  at  the  COMSHARE prompt if you type  V  you'll  get  a 
 decserver with 4 VAXs' hanging off it.
 If you come across the V working again let me know,  as I've  full 
 privs on it!

At  the  COMSHARE  prompt if you type '12'  you'll  get  results  on 
 commander II system B.

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