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AutoNet 6 of 6

[ AUTONET SERIES (Section 6) ]


          AutoMail  is  ADP's  computer-based message system which provides
          fast,  efficient  communications  between  individual  electronic
          mailboxes.  You  can access your mailbox anywhere in the U.S. via
          Autonet. In other countries, you can access your mailbox  through
          any International Record Carrier/Autonet link.

          AutoMail supports a wide variety of electronic mail  applications
          including  status  reporting, library requests, document reviews,
          suggestions boxes, scheduling,  and  general  purpose  communica-


          The AutoMail service can provide these benefits to your organiza-

            o Reduce   your   paperwork   load.   Your   incoming  mail  is
              automatically summarized so  you  can  decide  what  to  read

            o Handle your mail more efficiently. Read  your  message,  then
              use  AutoMail  features  to  forward or file them, or to send
              your responses.

            o Encourage  timely  communication. It is easy to send AutoMail
              messages since you use a simple dialog to create them.

            o Disseminate  important information rapidly to large groups of
              individuals. Use AutoMail address lists to make sure that the
              information  goes to the right people. Verifications tell you
              exactly when each copy is delivered.

            o Save  people's time, make your staff more efficient. AutoMail
              messages are available to their recipients  as  soon  as  you
              send them.

            o Eliminate repeated attempts to reach  someone  by  telephone.
              You'll  enjoy  longer  blocks of time without phone interrup-

            o Take  your  mailbox  with  you when you travel. Portable ter-
              minals make it simple to file  reports  when  you're  on  the
              road. Your electronic files travel with you, too.

            o Get more value out of existing terminals, communicating  word
              processors,  or communicating microcomputers. AutoMail can be
              accessed by a wide range of devices.

          Each  subscribing  organization  controls  and  maintains its own
          separate directory  of  mailboxes.  The  AutoMail  administrative
          package  enables  you  to establish mailboxes and to assign names
          and privileges to them.

       The AutoMail service provides essential electronic mail functions
          which allow you to:

            o Obtain information about users in your directory.

            o Send messages to any number of mailboxes.

            o Receive messages wherever, whenever you want.

            o Forward messages after you receive them.

            o Automatically address responses.

            o Edit message contents and recipient lists.

            o Verify who has received your message - and who hasn't.

            o Send coauthored messages with password  protection  for  each

            o Ensure message security and  credibility.  Every  message  is
              automatically  stamped  with  its author, recipient list, and
              dates  sent  and  received.  If  you  edit  a  message,   you
              automatically become its author.

          AutoMail Features

          ELECTRONIC  FILE  FOLDERS where you can keep messages for secure,
          long-term storage. You can file any message sent  or  unsent,  in
          any  number  of  file  folders. A password portects your AutoMail
          files from unauthorized access.

          ELECTRONIC BULLETIN BOARDS where you can post messages of general
          interest. You control  who  may  access  each  AutoMail  bulletin

          PREDEFINED ADDRESS LISTS which allow you to establish  groups  of
          people  with  related interests or reponsibilities. Each group in
          your AutoMail directory can be  centrally  defined  or  privately
          defined  for  one  mailbox.  You  control  who  may  access  each
          centrally-defined group.

          DELEGATED  MESSAGE  RECEIPT  so  a  single  user  (for example, a
          secretary) at your locations can easily obtain copies of all  in-
          coming  messages,  under  one password control. Incoming messages
          are sorted for easy distribution.

          TELEX and TWX ACCESS so you can use your AutoMail mailbox to com-
          municate with any Telex or TWX location  in  the  world.  ON-LINE
          ASSISTANCE so help is always there when you need it. type HELP at
          any prompt for a complete explanation of the options available to

          The AutoMail service is easy to  learn  because  it  speaks  your
          language.  You  say  CREATE to create a message, SEND to send it.
          Award-winning documentation provides all of the  information  you
          need, whether you are a new user or an expert.


          Since your own organization maintains a separate  directory,  you
          are  guaranteed  a high level of control and security. You define
          which mailboxes  may  access  restricted  information.  Your  own
          AutoMail  administrator  has  control  over  all  of the AutoMail
          capabilities your organization  uses,  so  you  can  change  your
          directory  whenever you need to, without contacting ADP. Security
          and confidentiality of your messages is  always  protected  by  a
          secret password.

          For more information, please contact the AutoMail Sales  Manager,
          Cedar  Woods  Center, Suite 209, 5440 Fulton Rd. N.W., Canton, OH
          44718, (216) 499-6439.


To see a list of resources available under INTERNATL, type "HELP".

 BYE             - Exits from network and disconnects terminal       
 DONE            - Returns to "OPTION:" prompt                       
 HELP            - Lists this set of options                         
 INFO            - Lists general international access information    
 NATIONS         - Lists service and rate information by nation      


          ADP  Autonet  supports  access  to U.S.-based host computers from
          more than 55 international centers. Access is  available  through
          direct  connections  with international record carriers (IRCs) or
          through interconnections with third party networks.

          Users  can  arrange  access  to  Autonet  from these countries by
          establishing an  account  with  the  responsible  agency  in  the
          country  of  interest.  A  service representative will be able to
          provide complete information regarding subscriptions,  invoicing,
          and general business operations.

          The administration of foreign communications services varies from
          country  to  country;  therefore, service offerings, ordering and
          access procedures, rates, and billing methods  for  each  country
          may  be different. Generally, each country provides local service
          through its own network, managed by an agency such as the  Postal
          and Telephone-Telegraph (PTT) administration.

          To obtain a complete list of countries from which you can  access
          Autonet,  use the option INTERNATL. Then, type NATION and use the
          HELP command. A list will be printed for you.

          International Access Procedures

          Typically, international network access procedures involve enter-
          ing a 14-digit international data number at the beginning of each
          terminal session. This number identifies the host  to  which  the
          user  wants  to establish a virtual connection. The international
          data number is formatted as follows:



                  AAAA  = 3126 (Autonet's data network identification code)
                  BBB = Area code of host location
                  CCCC = Network address of host
                  DDD = Network sub-address of host

          This  procedure  may vary, depending on the access methods of the
          particular country. The local PTT in each  country  will  provide
          you  with complete instructions when you have arranged an account
          with them.

                                   ADP Autonet
                                 175 Jackson Plaza
                             Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106

                                    313 769-6800

 BYE             - Exits from network and disconnects terminal       
 DONE            - Returns to "OPTION:" prompt                       
 HELP            - Lists this set of options                         
 INFO            - Lists general international access information    
 NATIONS         - Lists service and rate information by nation      


                International Access Information

Do you want instructions ? Y

      This file contains service and rate  information  for  each
      international  access location.  For the entire list, enter
      'ALL' in response to the NATION(S) prompt.  For  a  limited
      list,  enter  the  name  of  each  country you want to see.
      Please  limit  multiple  entries  to  five  countries,  and
      separate  each  entry by a comma.  Names may be abbreviated
      to the first five characters.  Charges are  shown  in  U.S.
      Dollars and are calculated at the rate of exhange quoted on
      the date indicated.

      Abbreviations used in the text are:
         bps   Bits per second (Baud rate)
         NRC   Non-Recurring or installation charge
         Kc    Kilocharacter - 1,000 characters
         Kp    Kilopacket - 1,000 packets;
               1 packet contains up to 128 characters
         Ks    Kilosegment - 1,000 segments;
               1 segment contains up to 64 characters
         NUI   Network User Identifier
         Mo    Month
         Hr    Hour

   For a list of available countries, enter 'HELP'.



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