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AutoNet 5 of 6

[ AUTONET SERIES (Section 5) ]


To see a list of resources available under ACCESS, type "HELP".

 BYE             - Exits from network and disconnects terminal       
 DATAPAC         - Lists access information for Datapac              
 DONE            - Returns to "OPTION:" prompt                       
 HELP            - Lists this set of options                         
 INFO            - Lists general information                         
 TELENET         - Lists access information for Telenet              
 TELID           - Lists Telenet terminal identifiers                
 TYMNET          - Lists access information for Tymnet               
 TYMID           - Lists Tymnet terminal identifiers                 
 TELEX           - Lists access information for TELEX                
 TWX             - Lists access information for TWX                  


               Access to ADP Autonet Via Telenet, Tymnet, and Datapac

          ADP Autonet interconnects with other public data networks  (PDNs)
          to extend its data communications services to hundreds more loca-
          tions. These Third Party Networks include  Telenet,  Tymnet,  and
          Datapac.  The  networks support a wide range of interactive ASCII
          terminals communicating at speeds up to 2400  Baud  over  dial-up

          A complete, up-to-date list of Autonet and extended  access  num-
          bers  is  available  under the selection "PHONE" in Autonet's on-
          line information directory, AID. In addition,  Autonet  publishes
          and  distributes  these  lists  occasionally throughout the year.
          They can be obtained from your Autonet Sales Specialist.

          If you encounter any problems gaining network access, please con-
          tact Autonet's Network Control Center by our toll-free WATS line,
          1-800-521-2733,  outside  of  Michigan,  or  by  our  Ann  Arbor,
          Michigan number, 1-313-995-6595.


      Enter the number of the NEWS  Item(s)  you  want  to  read.
      When  listing more than one item, separate the numbers by a
      space or a comma.

            10:  Change to Third-Party Access Response

ITEM(S): 10

NEWS Item: 10

          Users  who  access  Autonet  via  third-party  networks (Telenet,
          Tymnet, or Datapac),  will  now  notice  an  improvement  in  the
          response they receive to the input of a carriage return.

          Specifically, where Telenet users formerly experienced a delay in
          the Line Feed following input of a carriage return, they will now
          see the Line Feed occur immediately.  Where  Tymnet  and  Datapac
          users  formerly experienced a double Line Feed (one immediate and
          one delayed) as well as possible double echo, they will now see a
          single Line Feed occur immediately, and no double echo.

          This recent software enhancement makes all  three  networks  con-
          sistent  in appearance. AID information files on each network now
          reflect these changes.

          PLEASE  NOTE: In all three cases, the default setting of $$ECHO 0
          is assumed; any change to this parameter will  likely  result  in
          double echo.

          Additionally, the impending implementation of the X.75 gateway to
          the  Datapac  network  may  again  alter  access  procedures  and
          responses for users of this network. You will  be  notified  when
          that  occurs, and the information will appear in the AID program.


                           Impending Phone Number Changes

          The access numbers in the following cities are expected to change
          within the time frame indicated. The numbers are accurate to  the
          best  of  our  knowledge; however, until actual installation, the
          telephone company reserves the right to reassign numbers. We will
          attempt to keep you fully informed via the CHANGES and PHONES op-
          tions. Please check these listings frequently.

          The following access numbers have recently changed:

                     STATE   CITY                ACCESS NUMBER
                     MI      Kalamazoo           616-381-1890
                     MI      Battle Creek        616-963-9269
                     MI      Benton Harbor       616-428-2741

          The following access number(s) will  change  in  approximately  1

                     STATE   CITY                ACCESS NUMBER
                     NY      Mt. Kisco           914-666-6291

          The following access number(s) will  change  in  approximately  2

                     STATE   CITY                ACCESS NUMBER


                            Trouble Reporting Procedures

          If you encounter Autonet access  or  Autonet  response  problems,
          please  report them to the ADP Network Control Center by our WATS
          line, 1-800-521-2733, or by our Ann Arbor number, 1-313-995-6595.

          If  you  have successfully gained access to Autonet, but are dis-
          connected, report  the  information  in  the  following  items  1
          through  9 to the person in your organization who handles Autonet

          Two important points to remember:

           1. Leave the access line open if possible, and call from another
              line.  This  will  help us solve the problem more quickly and

           2. If  you  are  using  a video display terminal, write down the
              Autonet  line  number  if  you  receive  it.  If   you   have
              established access through another network, take note of that
              line number also. This information is important for resolving
              your problem.

          WHAT TO REPORT

           1. Your company name

           2. City where problem occurred

           3. Access number dialed

           4. Speed of terminal

           5. Autonet line number

           6. Third party network line number, if applicable

           7. Connection dialog command and corresponding address, name, or

           8. Messages received

           9. CALL CLEARED code number

          10. Describe the problem.

       If  you  are encountering network ACCESS problems, supply the in-
          formation in items 1 through 4, and describe the problem  as  one
          of the following:

               a. Receive answer and tone, but no response.

               b. Rings, but does not answer.

               c. Busy signal.

          If you are encountering network RESPONSE problems, supply as many
          of the items as possible in 1 through 9, and describe the problem
          as one of the following:

               a. No response.

               b. Slow response.

               c. Received Autonet Line number, but nothing further.

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