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AutoNet 2 of 6

[ AUTONET SERIES (Section 2) ]

@C 31340


Autonet Line 3130158025

Command: H

The Autonet connection dialog commands are: 

COMMAND FORMAT              FUNCTION              EXAMPLE 

C nnnnnnnnnn   Requests a connection to a host    C 5555 
               whose address is nnnnnnnnnn.        

C cccccccccc   Requests a connection to a host    C NAME 
               whose name is cccccccccc.           

H              Prints this list of commands.      H 

ID xxxxxxxxx   Identifies the user and re-        ID 1234-567
               quests a  connection  to  the       
               host  associated  with  the         
               user's identity code xxxxxxxxx.     

T cn           Identifies a terminal model by     T D1 
               the terminal identity code cn.      
               See the TERMINAL option of AID.     

  * Use a space to separate a command name and its parameter. 

  ** Use a semicolon (;) to separate commands which occupy the same line. 

  *** To access the Autonet Information Directory (AID):  

   Type: C ADPNS
   Use the account-user number: 1300-7777
   Use the password: AID

Command: C ADPNS

ADP Network Services
Account-User Number--1300-7777
Password: AID

Job 45  Sys #161  Line 15825  02:02 EDT (06:02 GMT)  Fri 13-Sep-85

      ***  Welcome to AID - the Autonet Information Directory  ***

      AID is a free, public database of information  about  ADP's
      value-added  network  and data communications services.  To
      obtain a list of your options, please type 'HELP'.  Use the
      'HELP' command whenever you need assistance.


 ACCESS          - Third party network access information            
 AID             - Lists how to use AID                              
 AUTOMAIL        - Describes ADP's Computer Based Message System     
 BYE             - Exits from network and disconnects terminal       
 CHANGES         - Lists impending phone number changes              
 CONNECT         - Lists network connection procedures               
 DOCUMENT        - Lists Autonet publications                        
 DONE            - Exits from network and disconnects terminal       
 GLOSS           - Lists glossary of Autonet communications terms    
 HELP            - Lists this set of options                         
 INTERNATL       - International network access information          
 MESSAGES        - Lists network messages                            
 NEWS            - Lists Autonet news items and service bulletins    
 PHONE           - Lists network access phone numbers                
 2400BPS         - 2400 Baud dial-up access numbers                  
 TERMINAL        - Lists Autonet terminal identity codes             
 TEST            - Network and terminal test programs                
 TROUBLE         - Lists network trouble reporting procedures        


Align paper and press the RETURN key.     

Last Updated:  July 1985
Last Reviewed: July 1985
3 pages

Autonet Communications Glossary

Access Location     A city in which Autonet can be accessed through a
                    toll-free telephone call.

AHIP                Asynchronous Host Interface Processor.  A com-
                    munication computer that connects a host computer
                    to Autonet.

Asynchronous ASCII  A device consisting of a keyboard which represents
   Terminal         128 distinct characters (such as upper and lower case
                    alphabetics, numerals, punctuation and control
                    characters) and a display screen or printing mechanism.
                    The terminal is used to send data to, or receive data
                    from a computer by a start-stop transmission method.

ATC                 Asynchronous Terminal Concentrator.  An Autonet
                    network access service arrangement which also
                    features local async ports for multiple terminals.

Autonet             An Autonet access facility consisting of one
Communication       or more network nodes.

AutoWATS            A host interface arrangement for users whose
                    initial data communications needs are small.
                    The service provides subscribers with value-
                    added WATS service at 50% less than conventional
                    WATS lines.

Bit                 The smallest unit of data.

BPS                 Bits Per Second.  A rate of speed at which bits
                    are transmitted.

CCITT               The International Consultative Committee
                    for Telegraphy and Telephony of the
                    International Telecommunications Union,
                    which recommends industry standards.

Dial Back-up        A service option which establishes
                    a temporary circuit to route around line
                    or node failures.

DTF                 Dedicated Terminal Facility.  An Autonet network
                    access service arrangement which features
                    a hardwired connection to an access port.

Error Detection     A system which detects transmission errors
and Correction      and causes data to be retransmitted un-
Code                til it is received correctly.

Front End           A device which performs communications processing
Processor           and certain protocol functions before passing
                    data to the host.

HAL                 Host Access Line.  A single leased line which
                    supports one simultaneous connection between
                    a host computer and a network node.

HCF                 Host Communication Facility.  A leased com-
                    munication line which connects a host computer
                    to a network node.

Host                A computer system which processes data,
                    as contrasted to a computer used for com-
                    munications purposes.

Leased Access       A communication line used to con-
Channel             nect client equipment to a port at an
                    Autonet Communication Center, or to a con-

Modem               A device which converts digital signals to
                    analog form for transmission over tele-
                    phone lines.

Node                An Autonet communication computer which
                    accepts and transmits packets, and performs
                    network access and interface functions.

Non Prime           A cost-saving Public Dial-In service
Subscription        option featuring reduced rates
                    during off-peak business hours.

Packet              A unit of traffic on a packet-switching
                    network.  A packet consists of a destination
                    address, special control function characters,
                    error detection code, as well as message
                    data, all arranged in a special format.

Packet-switching    Method of transmitting data between
                    client equipment by means of formated packets.

Port                A communication interface between Autonet and
                    a terminal or host computer.

Private Rotary      A service option which features access
                    to a number of access ports through a single
                    private number.

Protocol            A pre-established order for the transfer
                    of data over a communications channel.

Remote Access       A network connection which establishes
                    communication with data processing equipment
                    from a distant location.

Traffic             Data transmitted between user terminals
                    and host computers via Autonet.

Virtual Dedicated   A billing option which features a
Ports               flat monthly rate in lieu of Public Dial-In
                    access and traffic charges.

X.25                The industry standard packet-switching
                    protocol approved by the CCITT.

XHIP                X.25 Host Interface Processor.  An Autonet
                    host interface service arrangement which
                    features multiple terminal access over a
                    single communication line.

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