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MTACs Oper with Limited Mon.& Ctl Capability

DDN MGT Bulletin 81              DCA DDN Defense Communications System   
9 APR 91                         Published by: DDN Network Info Center
                                     (NIC@NIC.DDN.MIL)  (800) 235-3155

                        DEFENSE  DATA  NETWORK

                         MANAGEMENT  BULLETIN

The DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN is distributed online by the DDN Network
Information Center under DCA contract as a means of communicating
official policy, procedures and other information of concern to
management personnel at DDN facilities.  Back issues may be read
through the TACNEWS server ("@n" command at the TAC) or may be
obtained by FTP (or Kermit) from the NIC.DDN.MIL host []
using login="anonymous" and password="guest".  The pathname
for bulletins is DDN-NEWS:DDN-MGT-BULLETIN-nn.TXT (where "nn" is the
bulletin number).

                          MTACs Operational 
             with Limited Monitoring and Control Capability

As of 6 February 1991, DCA began process of declaring operational those 
MTACs with operational users connected.  However, the current versions of 
the software installed in the MTACs and in the Monitoring Centers' C/70s 
allow only a limited MTAC monitoring and control capability.

The software to allow the required MTAC monitoring and control capability 
is being developed.  A new version of the MTAC software has been 
completed.  However, the patches to interface the new MTAC software with 
the C/70s are still under development.  The estimated completion date is 
July 1991.  Until then, MTAC users should immediately notify their 
respective Monitoring Centers if they have suspected MTAC problems:

    CONUS Trouble Desk:  1(800)451-7413.
                         1(800)486-1986 (VA only)

    EUROPEAN Trouble Desk:  314-430-5532 (DSN)
                            011-49-711-687-7766 (commercial)

    PACIFIC Trouble Desk:  315-941-1156 (DSN)
                           1(808)656-1472 (commercial)

For more information the POCs are:

MILNET - Maj Tatchio, 222-7580 (DSN), (703)692-7580 (commercial), and 
    E-Mail:  milnetmgr @ DDN-CONUS.DDN.MIL
DISNET - Gary Guiberson, 222-7582 (DSN), (703)692-7582 (commercial), and 
    E-Mail:  disnetmgr @ DDN-CONUS.DDN.MIL
Software - D.W. Engebretson, 222-2771 (DSN), (703)692-2771 (commercial), 

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