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TUCoPS :: Networks :: 76.txt

TAC User Registration Clarification

DDN MGT Bulletin 76              DCA DDN Defense Communications System   
24 Aug 90                        Published by: DDN Network Info Center
                                     (NIC@NIC.DDN.MIL)  (800) 235-3155

                        DEFENSE  DATA  NETWORK

                         MANAGEMENT  BULLETIN

The DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN is distributed online by the DDN Network
Information Center under DCA contract as a means of communicating
official policy, procedures and other information of concern to
management personnel at DDN facilities.  Back issues may be read
through the TACNEWS server ("@n" command at the TAC) or may be
obtained by FTP (or Kermit) from the NIC.DDN.MIL host []
using login="anonymous" and password="guest".  The pathname
for bulletins is DDN-NEWS:DDN-MGT-BULLETIN-nn.TXT (where "nn" is the
bulletin number).

             TAC User Registration Clarification

  DDN instituted Usage Sensitive Billing (USB) in October 1989 as a 
more equitable method of cost recovery than the prior flat rate billing 
method.  Under USB, TAC user traffic and connection time are charged to 
the authorizing host.  In order to ensure complete and accurate billing 
of these users, controls on user registration were instituted.

 It has always been the policy that only adminstrators of hosts
directly connected to the MILNET could authorize TAC access for their
users.  This bulletin is issued as clarification for those host
administrators of hosts that are changing their connection pathways to
the MILNET.  Thus, you as a host administrator can only authorize
users for TAC access if your host remains directly connected to the
MILNET.  If your host is moved behind a concentrator or gateway, you
will no longer be able to authorize users for TAC access.  In
addition, you will need to transfer your jurisdiction over existing
users to a host administrator associated with a directly connected
MILNET host.

 If you have questions about TAC user registration, please send a
message to REGISTRAR@NIC.DDN.MIL or call 1-800-235-3155.

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