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TUCoPS :: Networks :: 74.txt

MILNET Gateway/Internet Traffic Homing Bul.

DDN MGT Bulletin 74              DCA DDN Defense Communications System   
11 July 90                       Published by: DDN Network Info Center
Supersedes DDN Mgt Bull. 49     (NIC@NIC.DDN.MIL)  (800) 235-3155
and DDN Mgt Bull. 53

                        DEFENSE  DATA  NETWORK

                         MANAGEMENT  BULLETIN

The DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN is distributed online by the DDN Network
Information Center under DCA contract as a means of communicating
official policy, procedures and other information of concern to
management personnel at DDN facilities.  Back issues may be read
through the TACNEWS server ("@n" command at the TAC) or may be
obtained by FTP (or Kermit) from the NIC.DDN.MIL host []
using login="anonymous" and password="guest".  The pathname
for bulletins is DDN-NEWS:DDN-MGT-BULLETIN-nn.TXT (where "nn" is the
bulletin number).

         MILNET Gateway and Internet Traffic Homing Announcement


This announcement defines software configuration changes that must be made 
to each MILNET gateway in order to acquire Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) 
Service.  It also defines software configuration changes that must be 
applied to MILNET hosts sending traffic to subscribers on the Internet.

This announcement replaces DDN Management Bulletin 49, ARPANET and MILNET 
Host Rehoming Announcement dated 23 DEC 88 and DDN Management Bulletin 53, 
ARPANET and MILNET Gateway Rehoming Announcement dated 12 JAN 89.

    --  For EGP Service, these changes are required due to the extensive 
growth in the number of gateways served on the MILNET and to alleviate 
performance problems in the EGP Servers.  

    --  For Internet Traffic, these changes are required as a result of the 
termination of the ARPANET and the replacement connections between MILNET 
and the NSFNET.   

        (NOTE:  Air Force Concentrators/Gateways are exempt
        from  this  change.    Through  agreements  reached
        between DCA and the Air Force,  those Concentrators
        will be assigned to one of two  EGP  Servers  (DCEC
        or  LBL).   The Air Force  has  the  capability  to
        implement global  changes  to  their  Concentrators
        and  has  agreed  to  test  and possibly  implement
        several changes in the EGP process  which  will  be
        beneficial to all.)

A secondary purpose of this Bulletin is to acquire information concerning 
the capabilities and limitations of gateways on the MILNET in order to 
design and implement future changes to improve EGP Service.  Gateway 
administrators are requested to identify their capability to: (1) modify 
EGP service parameters that will permit negotiation of updates at variable 
intervals from three minutes to one hour in order to reduce the frequency 
of updates, and (2) request EGP service from a single server (versus 
automatically sending to two servers) and modify that assignment quickly if 
needed.  Also, as the number of networks in the Internet grows, the size of 
the EGP update continues to grow, and may exceed 4K bytes over the next 
year.  Please note any limitations in your gateways to accommodate such 
large updates.   This information should be sent to:

           Defense Communications Engineering Center
           Code DRFDS (Mr Dennis Morris)
           1860 Wiehle Avenue
           Reston Virginia 22090-5500

           (Electronic Mail Address is


The upper range value of the EGP neighbor acquisition poll interval was 
recently increased from 600 seconds to 3600 seconds to permit less frequent 
polling for those gateways that can effectively function with an extended 
polling time.  Reducing the number of polls will, of course, reduce the 
loading on the EGP Servers.  Gateway administrators are encouraged to 
implement the most INFREQUENT poll time that can be supported.  Contact the 
Mailbridge Hot Line at 1-800-492-4992 or (617) 873-3571 for clarification 
and/or assistance in defining EGP Server interface characteristics.

EGP Server assignments are based primarily upon the network minimum hop 
path between the Packet Switching Node (PSN) to which the Gateway is 
connected and the PSN to which the EGP Server is connected.  This logical 
path is dependent upon network topology and does not necessarily have any 
geographical basis.

Internet Traffic assignments are based upon historical traffic volumes.  
The use of MITRE as the primary address for most hosts is the result of the 
predominant Internet Traffic MILNET host being assigned to AMES for its 
primary address.


It is intended that these changes be made on a single week-end.  Changes 
may be implemented beginning at 2100 hours local time on Friday, 10 AUG 90 
and should be completed no later than 0600 hours local time on Monday, 
13 AUG 90.  

   Questions or issues should be directed to:
   BBNCC Mailbridge Hot Line at 1-800-492-4992 or (617) 873-3571. 

It is critical that these changes be accomplished; otherwise, EGP
service and exchange of traffic with the Internet may be inadequate.
These changes are designed to result in equal sharing of the user
demand over the Mailbridges.  The changes will be verified and
non-compliance will be reported to the parent Service/Agency
organization for corrective action.


This section provides a list of assignments for the PSN to which the 
gateways or hosts are homed and their assigned EGP Servers and Internet 
Traffic Servers.

    --  For Gateway Administrators.  

        The entries under the column heading "EGP Servers" provides a list 
of assignments between the PSN to which the gateways are homed and their 
defined EGP Servers.  Each Gateway should acquire as EGP peers (neighbors) 
only those two Servers assigned.  As an example, all gateways connected to 
MILNET PSN Number 64 (ROBIN) should assign MITRE ( and, if 
necessary, BBN ( as their EGP servers.

    --  For Host Administrators.

        The entries under the column heading "Internet Traffic"  provide a 
list of assignments between the PSN to which hosts are homed and their 
default gateway or Internet Traffic Server.  As an example, all hosts 
connected to MILNET PSN Number 64 (ROBIN) should send non-MILNET traffic to 
MITRE (, or to AMES ( when MITRE is unavailable.

     The following IP network addresses apply:

Mailbridge Name    Site Location          Network Address
---------------    -------------          ---------------

AMES               Moffett Field CA
BBN                Cambridge MA 
DCEC               Reston VA    
ISI                Marina Del Rey CA
LBL                Berkeley CA  
MITRE              McLean VA    
RAN                Randolph AFB TX*

[* NOTE: On 31 July 1990, the address for the Randolph AFB mailbridge
was corrected to in the online version of this bulletin.
The bulletin originally had the incorrect address of]


PSN      PSN                EGP Servers               Internet Traffic
Nbr      Name         Primary       Secondary       Primary   Secondary

  1       OBL           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
  2       VHN           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
  3      NOSC           ISI            AMES           AMES      MITRE
  4       HDL           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
  5       BRM           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
  6       RDM           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
  7       LON           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
  8       NRL         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
  9       SIG           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 10       RTA           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 11     CORON           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 12       VCA         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 13     GUNTR         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 14       LD2          AMES             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 15       RAM           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 16      MFFT          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 17     MCLEN         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 18     GRIFF           BBN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 19     GAITH           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 20      HILL          AMES             RAN           AMES      MITRE
 21     LVRMR          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 22     MCCL1          AMES             RAN           AMES      MITRE
 23      MCC2          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 24     JOHNS         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 25       CTN           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 26      PENT           RAN             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 27       HLH         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 28       ELF          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 29      ABER           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 30     BROOK           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 31     NFLK2           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 32     GREEL          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 33     MONTY          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 34      BERK          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 35     SD2NS           ISI            AMES           AMES      MITRE
 36       BNT           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 37     FTMCP         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 38     NAVTN           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 39     EDWDS           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 40      CAMB           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 41       RED         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 42       RM2           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 43      SHFT          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 44     ORLAN           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 45     DOVER           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 46      NEME           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 47     WPAFB           RAN             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 48      KIRK           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 49     CAMB2         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES

 50      ALEX           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 51     RNDY2           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 52     RNDY3           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 53     EGLIN         MITRE            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 54     DETRK           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 55     ARGON           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 56       LD1           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 57     MEADE         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 58       NYC           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 59     SCOTT          AMES             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 60     FTMON           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 61      STLS           BBN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 62     CPRBT           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 63     ELSE2           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 64     ROBIN         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 65     ELSEG           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 66     HANSC           BBN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 67     ANDRW           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 68     PHLPN           ISI            AMES           AMES      MITRE
 69       FT2           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 70      DCA2         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 71      TINK           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 72     CAMB3           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 73     MENPK          AMES             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 74     WHTSN           RAN             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 75      YUMA           ISI            AMES           AMES      MITRE
 76     DCAOC         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 77      ZAMA           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 78     PUGET          AMES             RAN           AMES      MITRE
 79     BENNI         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 80     FTBRG           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 81     CRDRK         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 82      BUCK          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 83      ROB2         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 84      NSWC         MITRE             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 85     CHINA           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 86      LOW1           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 87     KIRT2          AMES             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 88     BETHS         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 89      CLRK           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 90     ALAMO           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
 91       CPO           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 92     NWNSC           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 93      KADE          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
 94      LOW2           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 95     LVMR2          AMES           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
 96      CORO         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
 97     PXNAS         MITRE             ISI          MITRE       AMES
 98       MAC           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
 99     HILL2          AMES             RAN          MITRE       AMES

100      HICK          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
101     RANDY           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
102     WOSWC           ISI           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
103     MRDEL           ISI            AMES           AMES      MITRE
104     DC104         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
105     OFAFB           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
106     RSLYN         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
107     ALEX3           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
108     NFKNS           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
109      NORL          AMES             RAN           AMES      MITRE
110      JAX1           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
111     DAVIS           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
112     STLA2         MITRE            AMES          MITRE       AMES
113     ANNIS         MITRE            AMES          MITRE       AMES
114      NCAD           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
115     WAREN         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
116       FKT           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
117      WLKR          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
118     SCOT2           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
119       SNV           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
120     DUGWY         MITRE            AMES          MITRE       AMES
121     ALAME          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
122     FTHCA           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
123       WP2           RAN             BBN          MITRE       AMES
124       WP3           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
125     FTLEV           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
126     MONT2          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
127      HAN2           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
128      ONIZ          AMES             RAN           AMES      MITRE
129     FTBEN           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
130     FTDIX           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
131      KNOX           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
132      SILL           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
133     SIDIO          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
134     SHARP          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
135     FTORD           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
136       MIL           RAN             BBN          MITRE       AMES
137      SHEP         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
138     LANGL           ISI           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
139     KELLY           RAN             ISI           AMES      MITRE
140     TINK2           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
141      ANDR          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
142     FTBEL           ISI           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
143     KEESL         MITRE            AMES          MITRE       AMES
144     OFTT2           RAN            AMES           AMES      MITRE
145      WHLR          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
146       MUN           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
147      SAM1           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
148       OAK          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
149     PHILI         MITRE             ISI          MITRE       AMES

150       ANK           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
151     DENVR           RAN            AMES           AMES      MITRE
152      MECH           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
153     ROCKI           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
154      SAM2           RAN             BBN          MITRE       AMES
155       DB2           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
156       CLT         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
157     SHERI           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
158      COLA          AMES           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
159     LEWIS          AMES             RAN           AMES      MITRE
160     BATTL           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
161     NORL2          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
162      CAMP         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
163      FTHD           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
164      CORP           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
165       HEL           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
166       BER           RAN             BBN          MITRE       AMES
167     NEWRK         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
168      WAHI          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
169      COLB         MITRE             RAN           AMES      MITRE
170     EIELS          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
171      YONG          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
172      LITH           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
173      PEAR          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
174       STI           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
175       PND           RAN             BBN          MITRE       AMES
176     WPAF4           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
177       GRA           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
178      HAN3           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
179      KEYP          AMES             RAN           AMES      MITRE
180       HL2           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
181     CAMB4           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
182     SCRMT          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
183     CAMB5           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
184       SEK         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
185       STT           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
186       WBN          AMES             RAN          MITRE       AMES
187       TKN           BBN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
188       WZG         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
189       BIG           BBN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
190       HAN           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
191       SEM         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
192       INC           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
193       LAH           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
195       TJN           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
196       AVO         MITRE             RAN          MITRE       AMES
197      RUCK           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
198      LUKE          AMES             ISI          MITRE       AMES

200      HOME          AMES           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
203      PATR         MITRE             ISI          MITRE       AMES
204       DOB           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
205      STEW           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
206      GORD           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
208      POLK           RAN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
209     MEMPS           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
210     BARKS           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
211      LORI           BBN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
214     GRAND           BBN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
215      TOBY           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
216     CHARL         MITRE             ISI          MITRE       AMES
217      JACK         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
218      FAIR          AMES             BBN           AMES      MITRE
219      MALS           BBN           MITRE          MITRE       AMES
220     MCORD          AMES             BBN           AMES      MITRE
221      KUNS          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
222      OSAN          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
223      YOKO          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
224     FTRIT           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
226     NORTH           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
228     MATHR          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE
229     BLISS           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
230     MARCH           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
231      RILY         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
232      BEN2           ISI             BBN          MITRE       AMES
235     SEYMR         MITRE             BBN          MITRE       AMES
236       KZG          AMES             BBN          MITRE       AMES
237      LACK           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
238      EUST           ISI             RAN          MITRE       AMES
241      MUGU           ISI            AMES          MITRE       AMES
242      FTLE          AMES             RAN          MITRE       AMES
243      PETE           RAN            AMES          MITRE       AMES
244     ABER2           BBN             RAN          MITRE       AMES
246     FTRIC           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
247     PENT2           RAN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
248     BRATE          AMES             ISI          MITRE       AMES
249      WEST           BBN             ISI          MITRE       AMES
250      FINE          AMES             ISI           AMES      MITRE

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