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Policy For DDN Node Relocations

DDN MGT Bulletin 31             DCA DDN Defense Communications Systems   
24 Mar 86                            Published by: Network Info Center
                                    (NIC@SRI-NIC.ARPA)  (800) 235-3155

                        DEFENSE  DATA  NETWORK

                         MANAGEMENT  BULLETIN

The DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN is distributed online by the DDN Network
Information Center under DCA contract as a means of communicating
official policy, procedures and other information of concern to
management personnel at DDN facilities.  Back issues may be read
through the TACNEWS server ("@n" command at the TAC) or may be
obtained by FTP from the SRI-NIC host [ or] using
userid="anonymous" and password="guest".  The filename format for
bulletins is DDN-NEWS:DDN-MGT-BULLETIN-nn.TXT (where "nn" is the
bulletin number).


Defense Communications Agency (DCA) letter, dated 24 May 84, provided
the policy for Defense Data Network (DDN) node relocations.  We are
mindful of the need to relocate communications and ADP equipment to
accommodate changes and expansions at the local level.  However, the
increasing reliance on DDN by operational systems and the need to
schedule our relocation resources dictates that we revise our policy
on node relocation.  We request widest dissemination of this policy.

One year advance notice of a proposed DDN node relocation is
required to properly plan, schedule, survey and accomplish the
relocation.  Notice will be provided by the local command/agency via
formal message to DCA Code B652 (as action addressee) and to all
intermediate Service Operations and Maintenance (O&M)/Engineering and
Installation (E&I) commands and associated DDN project offices
(as information addressees).  The message will contain, as a minimum,
the following information:

    a.  Node name and number.

    b.  Node Site Coordinator: (name, telephone number and electronic
        mail address).

    c.  Current node location:  (building, room, address).

    d.  Proposed node location:  (building, room, address).

    e.  Date relocation must be completed.

    f.  Reason relocation required:  (include impact if not accomplished).

    g.  Telecommunications service actions:  (explain, in detail, all
        circuit actions required).

    h.  Proposed schedule:  (begin with proposed site survey date and 
        show dates, required action and proposed office of primary

DCA may, on a case-by-case basis, be able to make exceptions to
the one year lead time.  Any DCA exception will be accomplished by
formal correspondence (message or letter) and will be based on the
complexity of the proposed relocation and required Telecommunications
Service Request (TSR)/Telecommunications Service Order (TSO) lead
times in accordance with DCA Circular 310-130-1.  For example, a
shorter lead time may be possible if all actions (except for the actual
deinstallation/reinstallation of the DDN provided node equipment) can be
accomplished by the local O&M/E&I organization and only record purpose
TSR's are required.

At no time is the site authorized to move equipment without DCA
approval and DDN prime contractor support.  Normally, a site survey
will be performed for relocations, with DCA, Service (O&M/E&I) and
local command participation.  Additionally, the requesting organization
may be required to provide a fund cite to support the cost of DCA/DDN
survey and E&I support in accordance with DCA message 231613Z Apr 85,
subject:  DDN Node Site Surveys.

All organizations supporting DDN node sites are reminded that a node 
relocation will require a DDN node outage with various degrees of
user and DDN mission impact.  For example, the removal of one node
may result in single thread connectivity for other nodes.  Therefore,
the subsequent outage of an interswitch trunk circuit or node may
isolate several other nodes and all associated host connections.
Proper advanced planning will permit DCA and respective organizations
to minimize the impact of the node relocation.  Lack of adequate
lead time may necessitate DCA directed de-installation and storage
of the DDN node equipment until re-installation actions can be
scheduled and accomplished.

The office of primary responsibility within DCA for operational node
relocation requests is the Packet Switch Operations Branch, Code B652,
(703) 285-5225, (V) 356-5225, DCAB652@DDN1.  The office of collateral
responsibility is the Installation Management Branch, Code B642, (703)
285-5341, (V) 356-5341, DCAB642@DDN1.

This policy has been disseminated as an official DCA message, date-time
group 181953Z Mar 86, subject as above.

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