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TUCoPS :: Networks :: 27.txt

Exp. Of Individ MILNET TAC Access Cards

DDN MGT Bulletin 27                         DCA DDN Program Mgt Office
12 Feb 85                            Published by: Network Info Center
                                    (NIC@SRI-NIC.ARPA) (415) 859-3695

                      DEFENSE DATA NETWORK

                       MANAGEMENT BULLETIN

The DDN MANAGEMENT BULLETIN is distributed by the Network Information
Center under DCA contract as a means of communicating official policy,
procedures and other information of concern to management personnel at
DDN facilities.  Back issues may be obtained by FTP from the directory
<DDN-NEWS>  at SRI-NIC  [ and]  using the  filename
DDN-NEWS:DDN-MGT-BULLETIN-xx.TXT (where xx is the bulletin number.)

                    MILNET TAC ACCESS CARDS

The Defense Data Network Program Management Office (DDN PMO) has
authorized the Network Information Center (NIC) to do a periodic
update of MILNET and ARPANET users currently registered in the NIC
WHOIS/NICNAM Identification Database; to invalidate currently issued
individual MILNET TAC ACCESS cards; to issue new individual MILNET TAC
ACCESS cards with new access codes to re-registered, authorized MILNET
TAC users.

NOTE: This procedure applies only to MILNET TAC Access.  ARPANET TAC
Access is a separate procedure administered by the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The NIC will begin the user registration update in February, 1985.
This procedure will be repeated annually.  The re-registration of
users and reissuance of MILNET TAC ACCESS cards to authorized users
will ensure that only currently authorized users have MILNET TAC


   The Host Administrator of each host is responsible for registering
   all users of his or her host and who have network access, and who
   have been authorized for MILNET TAC Access via MILNET TACs.  Those 
   users must be registered in the WHOIS/NICNAM database.

   - With the cooperation and assistance of the Host Administrators, the
   NIC will update the information of currently registered users, delete
   users who no longer have accounts on either MILNET or ARPANET hosts
   and register new users.  The NIC will issue new individual MILNET access
   codes to authorized re-registered and newly registered MILNET users;
   send the new cards directly to the user via U.S. postal mail;
   invalidate current individual MILNET TAC Access codes by host; and
   re-register authorized MILNET and ARPANET users who do not require
   MILNET TAC Access.

   - The update will proceed on a "rolling" basis.  The schedule of
   re-registration of each host is determined on the basis of the first
   letter of the official hostname:  Hosts with an official hostname
   beginning with the letter "A" will be re-registered in February 1985;
   hosts with a hostname beginning with the letter "B" will be
   re-registered in March 1985, etc.  The distribution of the letters
   per month as given by the chart below should result in the
   re-registration of roughly the same number of users per month.

   If the Host Administrator expects that the month in which his/her
   host is scheduled for re-registration will present a difficulty, then
   that host may be rescheduled for re-registration in another month.
   Please notify REGISTRAR@SRI-NIC.ARPA .

YEARLY RE-REGISTRATION SCHEDULE (by first letter of official hostname):


      A ..................... February 1985
      B ..................... March
      C ..................... April
      D ..................... May
      E, F, G, H, I, J, K ... June
      L, M .................. July
      N ..................... August
      O, P .................. September
      Q, R .................. October
      S, T .................. November
      U ..................... December
      V, W, X, Y, Z ......... January 1986


   - The Host Administrator will receive from REGISTRAR@SRI-NIC.ARPA a
   complete listing, in template form, of all currently registered users
   of the host scheduled for re-registration at the beginning of the
   month listed in the above schedule.

   - The Host Administrator will update the templates of currently
   registered users following the guidelines stated in the USER
   REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS.  A copy may be obtained via FTP from
   SRI-NIC, host address [] or [] using pathname:


   - The Host Administrator will update the templates by:

      Correcting any outdated information contained in the user

      Marking the "DELETE" field with "Y" for users who no longer have
      current accounts on the host

      Filling out templates for new users not included in the list of

   - The Host Administrator will send the updated template file via
   electronic mail to REGISTRAR@SRI-NIC.ARPA prior to the end of the
   month in which updates are received.

   - The NIC Registrar will process the template file and update
   the  WHOIS/NICNAM Identification Database.

   - The NIC Registrar will issue new individual MILNET TAC Access cards
   containing the old login password and new access code to all
   re-registered authorized users, and new passwords and access codes to
   new authorized users.

   - At this time, the Registrar will send a message to all registered
   users of the host informing them of the re-issuance of individual
   cards and the invalidation of old cards.

   - The Registrar will invalidate (hotlist) the access codes of all
   individual cards issued to the users of that host prior to the
   re-registration.  The invalidation of old cards will occur 30 days
   following the end of the month the re-registration was due.  This
   delay should allow sufficient time for users to receive their new
   cards, and for them to inform us or the Host Administrator of any
   problems with the new cards prior to the invalidation of the old


   Official hostname changes which involve a change of the first
   character of the hostname:

      If the host has been re-registered during 1985 prior to the
      hostname change, we will not re-register the users of that host
      until the following year.

   New hosts:

      Users of new hosts will be registered at the time the
      host becomes an official ARPANET or MILNET host.  We will 
      re-register those users the following year.

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