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TUCoPS :: Network Appliances :: tprouter.htm

TimePlex Routers debug mode

    Timeplex Routers


    Systems with Timeplex Routers


    An error in  Timeplex Routers allows  a user to  gain unauthorized
    access to  the device  through a  special 'debug'  mode. This mode
    allows manipulation of the router  at the register level, as  well
    as being  able to  reset the  router or  deny service. The 'debug'
    mode can be entered without logging into the router, by sending  a
    number of cntrl-d  sequences to the  device. The router  will then
    display it's ip address and other information and drop to a  debug

    This  information  could  be  used  to  gain  further  access to a
    network,  or  to  change  the  router  setup, or deny service. For
    further information, please contact Ascom.

    Credit for this goes to MicroSolved.

    Contact Ascom.

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