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APC Management Vulnerability
APC Management Vulnerability
APC Management Vulnerability

We have found a security exploit in the latest APC firmware versions for there switched rack PDU products. We have only tested this against the version listed below on a AP7932 0u 30amp PDU.

Name:   rpdu
Version:        v3.5.5
Date:   07/18/2007
Time:   11:38:29

Name:   aos
Version:        v3.5.6
Date:   07/18/2007
Time:   10:24:55
Date Reported to APC: 11-28-2007

Discovered by:
Gary Simat of Total Server Solutions LLC
Randy Kent of Sevaa Group Inc

Steps to reproduce:
1) login to the APC as a user from computer 1
2) Then attempt to login from another computer (we will call this computer 2), the User Name and Password will not be editable, so just click Log On. It will say someone is already logged in. leave this page up.
3) logout of computer 1
4) simply hit refresh on computer 2 and select to resend the headers. you will be logged in as the previously authenticated user.

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