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Castelle Faxpress reveals user/pass used for print queue
6th Feb 2002 [SBWID-5070]

	Castelle Faxpress reveals user/pass used for print queue




	Leon Ward posted:

	When configuring the system to use a Network print queue  the  following
	information needs to be entered.

	NT Host Name

	Printer Shareable Name

	IP Address

	Login Name



	If the login name is either entered incorrectly or changed  by  a  user,
	when a document is sent to the print queue an error event will be  added
	to the notices, This error divulges the following information.

	Notice: Network Print Queuing Error For Job XXXX

	Notice For: Faxpress Username

	Queue: Printer name

	Server: NTPrint Server

	Login: Login, Password

	Error At: Time



	The Login credentials, including the password are shown in  Plain  text.
	To re-create the \'feature\'

	-Log into the Faxpress

	-Select any printable item eg An Outgoing fax or a failed transmission

	-Right click on the item and chose print -Click \"Printer\" -Click on \"Queue\"

	-Note the username -Change the username eg from \"John\" to \"John1\" -Click OK

	-Click OK -Click OK -Go to notices -Double click on the printing error




	Workarounds: Make sure that Users are unable to make  changes  to  their
	mailbox settings.

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