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HP printer nestea vulnerabilities etc.

    HP printer


    HP printer


    Ben Woodard posted following about  two bugs in HP printers.   The
    first bug is their succeptability to the nestea2 and other  TCP/IP
    exploits.  The second bug only  affects HP 5m and some 5si's  with
    older formatter  firmware.   This bug  is due  to a  communication
    error between  the printer  and the  network interface.   Using  a
    simple  multivarible  SNMP  getnext  command,  you  can  crash the
    network interface causing the printer to drop off the network.


    HP  addressed  these  two  big  bugs  that allow anyone to crash a
    network connected printer.  First bug is fixed in several releases
    of firmware for their  different cards.  A05.08  is for most HP  5
    series network  printers.   This release  have been  available for
    some time but they yet to release it to their web site.  You  must
    contact their support organization and ask for it specifically.

    As for  seconf bug,  HP has  provided the  a beta firmware release
    A05.09 that addresses this issue.  If you want to get this  bugfix
    please contact HP customer care,  indicate that you are getting  a
    79 SE problem with a 5M and ask for the BETA A.05.09 release which
    cisco has.  Once they are comfortable that this firmware has  been
    tested widly without incident they will release it.

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