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TUCoPS :: Network Appliances :: bt625.txt

Asus AAM6000EV ADSL Router Wide Open

Asus have been notified but haven't even acknowledged yet alone mentioned a=

If the inbuilt webserver is activated, anyone on the local network can get=
 the full user/pass list from the router without any identification=
 whatsoever by going to the ip address of the router and appending=
Example, say the ip address is, go to:

This will output the contents of the userdata file which contains completely=
 unencrypted usernames and passwords. There are plenty of other files that=
 can be access with this trick, I haven't looked at the content of them so I=
 don't know what else you can do.

This security flaw arises because the webserver on the router is mapped to=
 index.html which provides a link to /secure/Home.htm

You are not prompted for a password until you attempt to access files under=

Telnet to the router, enter the user mode console and then type "flashfs"

Type ls to see all configuration files accessible through this flaw.

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