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TUCoPS :: Network Appliances :: ascend1.htm

Max4000 reboot (Ascend 5.0A)

    telnet to port 150


    Max4000 (Ascend 5.0A)


    There exists a new feature in the 5.0A series of releases for  the
    MAX which allow a  user to reboot your  Ascend MAX at will.   This
    is  done  via  login  entry.   The   following  vulnerability  was
    discovered by Kit Knox <kit@CONNECTNET.COM>.

    Users can  telnet to  a max  on port  150 and  the Max will act as
    though the call came in via a T1 etc.  Using this and another  bug
    a user can cause the max to reboot.  Kit announced that will  make
    public available details after fix.


    A fix for this problem can be found at Ascend FTP server:

    Until  you  apply  fix  it  is  HIGHLY reccomended that you filter
    access for incoming tcp to port 150.

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