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TUCoPS :: Network Appliances :: adtran.htm

Adtran MX2800 M13 Multiplexer crashes when its ethernet interface is pingflooded



    Adtran MX2800 M13 Multiplexer


    Mike Ireton  found following.   While testing  some new  gear,  he
    found a serious  problem with the  Adtran MX2800 M13  Multiplexer.
    This  device  aggregates  up  to  28  T1's  onto a Channelized DS3
    interface and is  primarlly used in  cases where you've  got a lot
    of T1's.   The unit Mike  had has dual  redundant controller cards
    so it is not known if  this problem would show up with  the single
    card version.   But anyways,  the problem  is simply  that it will
    crash  and  restart  if  you  ping  flood it's ethernet interface.
    After  15-20  seconds   of  ping  -f,   it  just  dies   and  then
    re-initializes.  That will take all circuits out of service  until
    it comes back up.  Pretty, huh?


    Vendor informed.

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