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TUCoPS :: Network Appliances :: 3com7.htm

3Com SNMP vulnerabilities





    Nerijus Krukauskas found following.   It seems that 3Com does  not
    pay much atention how its SNMP is implemented. In 3Com  SuperStack
    II hubs  MIB there's  an OID:   .   Its name
    decodes to

    What You need to know that's read-only community and this OID will
    give you entire table  of communities (read-write and  read-only).
    If somebody knows  how to contact  3Com with such  reports forward
    this info to them.


    To be more accurate, this bug  can be found on 3Com SuperStack  II
    Port  Switch  Hubs  running   software  version  2.10.   The   bug
    disappeared  from  version  2.12.    New  software  versions   are
    available at es.htm

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