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Safari 3.1 for windows download bug
Safari 3.1 for windows download bug
Safari 3.1 for windows download bug

This is another flaw I found in the Safari browser for Windows, the fault lies when trying to download a file with a very long name that causes the program is broken and pull the following exception.

Access violation when reading[11b5c539]

If the file is filled with more letters to cause an exception but when he writes, in the proof of concept only leave the reading as geocities leaves no upload a file with a long name but if you assemble your own server and create a zip archive with nothing inside and the name of the letter "A" until there is no more space in the name provokes the following exception.

Acess violation when writing to [9c236d62]

Below left the proof of concept=85 greetings and continue well !!!!!!!


Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian

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