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TUCoPS :: Linux :: Discontinued :: linuxf~1.txt

Linux shell users can send send out forged packets, even through firewalls!

   Marc SCHAEFER <>
      with the help of Alan COX (for the fix)
      and of Andreas Trottmann <> for the
      work-around idea.
   $Id: user-raw-IP,v 1.3 1999/10/22 08:33:10 schaefer Exp $

   Forged packets can be send out from a Linux system, for example
   for NFS attacks or any other protocol relying on addresses for
   authentification, even when protected from the outside interfaces
   by firewalling rules. Most of the time, existing firewalling
   rules are bypassed. This requires at least a shell account on the

   Any local user can send any packet to any host from most Linux default
   installations without of the use of any permission problem or
   suid flaw. Basically, it corresponds to having write only permissions
   to raw IP socket on the server machine.

   You are immune to this problem if one (or more) of the following
   is true:

      - you do not have local (shell) users

      - SLIP and PPP are not compiled-in the kernel and either
        are not available in /lib/modules/* as modules, or are
        never loaded and kerneld/kmod is not available.

      - you use deny-default configuration for your input firewall rules,
        and you don't have accept entries for specific addresses or
        for unused ppp or slip interfaces (and the used ones are
        never unused or accept rules are safely removed at shutdown).

      - you use 2.3.18 with ac6 patch (or higher).

      - you use 2.2.13pre15 (or higher).

   Linux (any until recently)

   - Make so that SLIP and PPP support are not available
   - Use deny default policy for input firewall, only allow for
     specific address ranges and specific interfaces. For dynamic links
     (such as SLIP or PPP), add an accept at link creation time, and
     remove the entry when the link goes down.

   - For 2.3.x, install 2.3.18 with the ac6 patch (or higher). Warning,
     this is a DEVELOPMENT kernel.
   - For 2.2.x, install 2.2.13pre15 or higher (e.g. 2.2.13).
   - At this time no fix for 2.0.x. Please apply the above mentionned

   Please do not request exploit from the listed authors. Requests for
   exploits will be ignored. A working exploit exists and has been
   tested on current Linux distributions. It is possible that an
   exploit be posted some time in the future (or that someone reads
   this and does it by himself ...).

   This advisory is for information only. No warranty either expressed
   or implied. Full disclosure and dissemination are allowed as long as
   this advisory is published in full. No responsability will be taken
   from abuse or lack of use of the information in this advisory.

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