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TUCoPS :: Linux :: Discontinued :: cs2018-0.txt

Race condition in fileutils - Caldera Advisory CSSA-2002-018.0



		Caldera International, Inc.  Security Advisory

Subject:		Linux: Race condition in fileutils
Advisory number: 	CSSA-2002-018.0
Issue date: 		2002 April 26
Cross reference:

1. Problem Description

	A race condition in various utilities from the GNU fileutils
	package may cause a root user to delete the whole filesystem.

2. Vulnerable Supported Versions

	System				Package

	OpenLinux 3.1.1 Server		prior to fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	OpenLinux 3.1.1 Workstation	prior to fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	OpenLinux 3.1 Server		prior to fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	OpenLinux 3.1 Workstation	prior to fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

3. Solution

	The proper solution is to install the latest packages.

4. OpenLinux 3.1.1 Server

	4.1 Package Location

4.2 Packages

	608a5485dd9a8799795254ba7d2089da	fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	4.3 Installation

	rpm -Fvh fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	4.4 Source Package Location

4.5 Source Packages

	c44a43f1ce810a01978ce2e8efadadbf	fileutils-4.1-4.src.rpm

5. OpenLinux 3.1.1 Workstation

	5.1 Package Location

5.2 Packages

	f10c905587b4221fc794cefaf262e9ee	fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	5.3 Installation

	rpm -Fvh fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	5.4 Source Package Location

5.5 Source Packages

	7e5519acdca5c17d12b3598847ec1ded	fileutils-4.1-4.src.rpm

6. OpenLinux 3.1 Server

	6.1 Package Location

6.2 Packages

	334154c1635b50ad81a2f1b841ccadd8	fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	6.3 Installation

	rpm -Fvh fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	6.4 Source Package Location

6.5 Source Packages

	6a12bbcaefb252eac3fe4b79464881e4	fileutils-4.1-4.src.rpm

7. OpenLinux 3.1 Workstation

	7.1 Package Location

7.2 Packages

	2db4e5565fc7d38ee5cdf3be57f86301	fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	7.3 Installation

	rpm -Fvh fileutils-4.1-4.i386.rpm

	7.4 Source Package Location

7.5 Source Packages

	1b5ef3933f229b68cd8e24fb75c5a0de	fileutils-4.1-4.src.rpm

8. References

	Specific references for this advisory: Wojciech Purczynski (iSEC

	Caldera OpenLinux security resources:

Caldera UNIX security resources:

This security fix closes Caldera incidents sr862917, fz520627,

9. Disclaimer

	Caldera International, Inc. is not responsible for the misuse
	of any of the information we provide on this website and/or
	through our security advisories. Our advisories are a service
	to our customers intended to promote secure installation and
	use of Caldera products.

10. Acknowledgements

	Wojciech Purczynski (iSEC Security Research,
	reported this vulnerability.

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