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TUCoPS :: Linux :: Apps A-M :: ftpfs.htm

FTPFS Bounds Checking inadequacy





    Frank DENIS (Jedi/Sector One) found buffer oveflow in FTPFS (linux
    kernel module).   FTPFS is  a Linux  kernel module,  enhancing VFS
    with  FTP   volume  mounting   capabilities.    However,  it   has
    insufficient bounds checking.  If a user  can enter mount  options
    through a wrapper,  he can take  over the whole  system, even with
    restricted capabilities.

    Here's a simple exploit :

        mount -t ftpfs none /mnt -o ip=,user=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

    The previous  command produces  an immediate  reboot (tested  with
    kernel 2.4.2 and FTPFS 0.1.1) .


    The author is aware of that vulnerability.

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