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Analog Buffer Overflow



    analog all versions except 4.16 and 4.90beta3


    Stephen Turner found  following.  There  is a buffer  overflow bug
    in  all  versions  of  analog  released  prior  to  13-02-2001.  A
    malicious user could use an  ALIAS command to construct very  long
    strings which were not checked for length.

    This bug is  particularly dangerous if  the form interface  (which
    allows unknown users to run the program via a CGI script) has been


    This bug  was discovered  by the  program author,  and there is no
    known exploit.   However, users are  advised to upgrade  to one of
    the  two  safe  versions  immediately,  especially  if  they  have
    installed the form interface.

    For Red Hat:

    For Debian:

    For Turbo Linux:

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